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The Angry Video Game Nerd is abducted from the human world to review the shittiest games ever conceived by mankind. Will the combined efforts of Luna, Celestia, and the mane six succeed in teaching The Nerd a valuable lesson in love and tolerance, or will it be The Nerd who teaches them a lesson in rage and frustration?

:Warning: This story is a shit load of fuck.

Cover art drawn by Droll3

Chapters (5)
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Interesting start.

"I need an adult?" He slurred, his mouth and eyes gaping wider and wider every second,
"I am an adult." She responded before blasting him with a torrent of magical light that enveloped his whole body.

I laughed so fucking hard.

YEZ! OMG A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:


What game shell fluttershy wil play before she become carzy lol

This would've been gold except for one thing; Metroid: Other M WASN'T shitty. For that, you get a downvote.

2748444 I'm not sure yet. I love Fluttershy, so, I don't want to traumatize her too much. I don't know if I should subject them to the shit that the nerd has already reviewed, or games that I have played personally. If I have them play the games that the nerd has reviewed, I fear that I may be crossing the plagiarism line, but if I make them play the games that I hate, I can make my complaints and describe their suffering and frustration based on my experience, but I'll risk alienating anybody who hasn't personally played the game.

I would have her play a PETA flash game, but *glasses* That'd be cruelty to ponies.

OMG somebody who actually likes it? :rainbowderp:
It's cool. I disagree with your opinion, but I respect your right to it.
The nerd has ripped on Castlevania two, and Ninja Turtles, which are two of my favorite games in the NES library, but I took it in stride.

2748800 Dude, there's PLENTY of people who like it.

2748765 ok, and lol at the joke.


I got it have her play some of the shity ass xbox live arcade indie games hehehe >:)

Other M was freaking amazing. Except the final bossfight...

"We brought you here to play your shitty games for us, so, we may help you to conker your rage once and for all."

Is the word conker a misspell, like conquer? Or is it some kind of allusion to Conker's bad fur day who also spewed profanity like there was no tomorrow.

2749740 lol Thanks for catching that for me. Yeah, I fucked up. We can pretend it's the second thing you mentioned though, so I don't look like a dumbass :facehoof:

2749477 I can't expect everyone in the world to think the same way I do, but I seriously cannot understand how anybody could like that game. I think it's because I grew up playing the original Metroid on the NES and Gameboy. I then moved up to Super Metroid on the SNES. When I got my gamecube, the metroid prime series completely blew me away. But then, I play other M, and... I don't know... It was just...Meh.
It's actually not the most horrible game I have ever played, but it has the balls to bear the name "Metroid," so anything less than spectacular just pisses me off. I probably just made the mistake of setting my expectations too high.

And which final boss are you referring to? The Metroid queen, or the Phantoon? Neither one of them were very memorable imo.


Yeah. In fact, I have a friend who likes it.

Oh god, this is great!

-Kiryu :moustache:

Yes. This is funny.
Yes. Yeah. Yes yes yes. :pinkiesmile:

I like. This captures the spirit of nerd reviewing - constant anger and swearing. Some of the other fics featuring net reviewers quickly got watered down into a generic HiE, but this is shaping up to be faithful. Very nice.

"No!" The blue mare quipped, "Fuck you!"

"Fuck you!" The nerd responded.

They mingle quite well instantly, eh?

2752837 I'm happy that you like it. :pinkiehappy:
I'm merely paying homage to my three favorite things by combining them: The Nerd, MLP, and Video games. I'm not pretentious enough to think that James Rolfe would ever take time from his busy schedule to read my story, but, I'm pretty much writing this in the mindset that if he did, he'd be thinking something like: "Damn, that is exactly what I would say in that situation!" :twilightangry2:

The final boss is the human form of Mother Brain. All of those creatures that you think are the bossfight? A mere distraction. All you need to do to beat the bossfight is to put your crosshairs over Mother Brain. You don't even need to fire.

I wonder what shitty game avgn will make poor fluttershy play? I have a great 1. Lester the Unlikely. Anyone who's played that game knows how shitty that game is (Me being 1 of them because I played it during a week I used to call "AVGN" week where I'd play the games he played). Anyway can't wait for chapter 2.

I FUCKING LOVE THE AVGN!!!! THIS IS THE BEST STORY :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:


2763558 Same fuck'n thing I was thinking! :twilightangry2:

OH GOD NO! you give her that bible game didn't you, i can see her anger and pissed off face now:flutterrage:

oh the ponies cussing at each other would be great

I saw another fic featuring the AVGN, but this one looks a lot better and a hell of a lot funnier, too!
When I first read the first chapter, I thought this was going to some half-assed crossover mishmash, but this is going great so far! I'm definitely following this!
I don't know why, but the ponies cursing at each other is fucking hilarious!:rainbowlaugh: (Oh great, see, now you've go me doing it, along with RD!"

2763876 Seriously, if you watch, or read enough of a reviewer, you start talking like them, case and fucking point here, For me it's mainly Zero Punctuation. Goddamnit, you've got me cursing now aswell! How the fuck did that happen? Maybe the fact it's an AVGN Fic, I have no Fucking clue

2764558 That's not true! That's gotta be the biggest shit-load-of-fuck i have ever heard.... Oh, shit...:rainbowderp:

2764800 I'm currently watching Zero Punctuation, so maybe this is going to go somewhere, maybe the most retarded game of texas hold up ever, in which the cards where a joker, a get out of jail free card and a dark hole yugioh card, except that the joker was actually a console that looks like a vcr that some twat left on the table. Yeah, Zero Punctuation does that. That thing where everyone French lives on the moon, that's made of pringles, on the sun, while being drunk on a unicycle. So if you want to act normal in public, don't watch Zero Punctuation, because you will end up with barbed wire up your ass. See what I mean? Reviewers happened

I can just see Fluttershy getting pissed at the game then shouting "FUCKING AAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!" in that same tone used in the Grand Galloping Gala episode.

There isn't enough supply of favs in the whole world for me to give to this wonderful gem of assness goodness.
I've just had a AVGN marathon, this story simply reads sublime to me.

2767676 Holy shit, dude, thanks for the kind words :twilightblush:
I'm just mulling it over right now, but I'm thinking of making Rarity play Atari porn games.

2768902 Great. Perhaps you can also do something about that cartridge of Wizard of Oz plastered on the ceiling, y'know? :rainbowlaugh:

*checks FimFiction purely by random*
*Sees Nerd Rage! in the update list*
Oh HELL yes.

Give Rainbow the worst fucking game ever, I want her to be the most anger pony ever, i want her to feel pain for being bicth so is!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

I got it give her a game that want you to go fast but ending up getting hurt, give her a game that try to be cool but ending up being a falling shitty ass video game, make her play the most spuid game ever made that try to be cool like her but show how uncool she is!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:


2773653 I like that you are enjoying the story so far. I will admit that I'm a little embarrassed at the shotty work I did on chapter three. I was rushed because I had to start getting ready for work. I'm going to go back and clean it up a bit.

2775277Weird, I was watching the Bible Games episode late last night, and when I got on FiMFic and read this chapter, I see fluttershy getting fucking angry kn a shit sandwitch, cum-dressing sauce, anal bag video game.

I fucking love this story:yay:

LOL, Celestia using strong vocabulary, now I've seen everything

2791067 I use the term "shitty games" because "horrid games" just doesn't sound right.

I want the nerd to kick Cadence ass for that, i dear you to rip her a new one for her husben to fuck that new hole!:flutterrage:

Thanks to you I have an ├╝rge to write a larry and twilight shipping fic

I wonder how will the ponies react whether find out this foul mouthed human is married

I love this story man, you do a great fucking job in visuals when you describe the nerds anger, the ponies, the fights, the rage! I can actually see the Nerd fighting Rainbow Dash :yay: You're the shit, bro :twilightsmile:

Surprisingly, the one who's going to taste the RAINBOW OF DEATH isn't someone named Rainbow... Well, white does contain all colors of rainbow.

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