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The Mare in the Moon has returned, and the dark power that created Nightmare Moon is awakening again with the aid of a magical Moonstone. The two princesses and the Mane Six must use the Elements of Harmony to banish the darkness once and for all. Meanwhile, on Prehistoric Earth an alien artifact identical to the Moonstone falls into Predacon hands. What does this mean? And what will happen when a rift in space is opened between the two stones, pulling the Transformers into the strange, new world of Equestria?

(Note: It gets dark in places, but there is no explicit violence or gore.)

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What a concept! :pinkiegasp: As soon as I get a chance, I must check this out! Definitely tracking! :yay:

So let me get the Predicon's activities RIGHT AFTER THEY FOUGHT THE SUN straight:

-Dinobot II is stalking Rarity and Sweetie Bell.

-Waspinator has become become freinds with Fluttershy.

-Tarantulas has killed the Hooves family.

-And Rampage is about to eat Bon-Bon.

What the slag is Megatron up to then!

1032675 Well, as you saw, the gemstones have the odd effect of healing Cybertronians. A thoroughly thrashed Waspinator was restored to full health in seconds just from landing on some. It's not hard to believe the other Predacons had the same encounter. Plus, Transmetal 2s like Dinobot and Megatron have regenerative abilities already. So does Rampage due to his mutant spark. It took a couple hours, but they have all recovered. And we will soon find out what old bucket-head is up to... :ajsmug:

As for Tarantulas, I haven't actually said he killed the Hooves family. We'll just have to wait and see in the next chapter. :raritywink:

Are the other Maximals going to make it to Equestria? Because with all the Predacons here the odd's don't look good.

1033441 As you can see with Celestia, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Lyra, and you'll see more in the coming chapter, the ponies can hold their own well enough, if not outright defeat a Predacon on their own. I've thought about the other Maximals, but frankly having all of them in Equestria to help the ponies would leave the Predacons ridiculously outnumbered. But don't worry, the other Maxies aren't just going to sit this one out. :raritywink:

Dinobot got PWNED by a fashionista drama queen!?! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: This the WORST...POSSIBLE...THING...for Dinobot! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm sure at least one more of the Maximals will show up on Equestria.
Silverbolt wouldn't leave his Dark Lady on her own for long, now would he?

I'm happy to see that there's another, more detailed Beast Wars crossover here on the site. :twilightsmile:

After reading through this, this story is actually very good.
Like nightmaster0 side, I do hope that the rest of the Maximals appear again, at least in scenes, trying to either find out where Blackarchina & Depth Charge are, or something.
But even if they don't appear in Equestia, I strongly suggest you change your mind and let the Maximals in Equestria anyways, just go that it be seven on seven MaximalxPredacon fight. Also, I love to see RatTrap get along with Applejack. =3

1038238 Thank you muchly! :pinkiesmile: I honestly didn't know there were any other Beast Wars crossovers. What's it called? :pinkiegasp:

It's mainly for reasons of wanting to keep a battle with the Predacons from being too one-sided, but trust me, the other Maximals are still going to help out from Earth and keep in touch with Equestria.

...But I can say that one more Maximal will be definitely showing up in Equestria, though. Can't say who yet to avoid spoilers. :raritywink:

oh dear, this isn't going to end well...for Tarantulas.


Pinkie: You're silly.

and speaking of everyone's favourite monkey.

Optimus: My name is Optimus Prim-

Celestia & Luna: *Wingboner*:heart:

Optimus: -al.

Celestia & Luna: oh *suddenly deflates*

Wanderer D

Glad to see the story here! :pinkiehappy: It's going good! I think we should be good for that thing :raritywink:

1093451 Thank you! :twilightsmile: That means a lot, especially from you. And oh man, I'm excited! :yay:

You do a great job at staying true to the BW characters personalities. Keep it up!:yay:
And where the slag did that couch com from?!

love Pinkie in this ch.:pinkiehappy: "in this story anyway.":rainbowlaugh:

Wouldn't it be interesting if Inferrno was turned into a changeling? "My Queen..." :twilightblush: He'd be more welcome there.
Depth Charge! :rainbowlaugh:
HOLY SLAG CELESTIA!!!! :pinkiegasp:

1153286 Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it! :pinkiehappy:

And the couch came from hammerspace, of course. :trollestia:

This is very relevant to my interests :twilightsmile: It doesn't hurt that I just played through War/Fall Of Cybertron, so I'm in a Transformers sort of mood lately.

Crossovers can be tricky to get right, but you've successfully captured the personalities of both worlds, and fused them in a believable (well, given the context of warring techno-aliens being thrust into a world of colourful talking equines, anyhow) way. And you tend to go all the way instead of things just fizzling out. Instead of just trying to ride on the "yay, Beasties in Equestria!" concept, you actually take up plot points like what would inspire Celestia to turn borderline darkside on an enemy, the origins of the Nightmare, what it would be like if Rares weaponized the Drama Queen Couch, et cetera. It's a slaggin' shame this doesn't have more views.

Keep it up! :coolphoto:


Thank you so much! :pinkiehappy: I'm real glad you're enjoying this, it means a lot!

And I know what you mean about Fall of Cybertron.:raritywink:

Poor blackarachnia:ajsleepy: I dont think I could deal with the cmc after going through all that either.

When Celestia was burning Megatron and the rest of the Predacons and she was enjoying it, I was thinking something like this:
"Strike them down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!"

I have seen Celestia go over to the dark side in a few fics I have read and I must admit that I enjoyed seeing the Princess of the Sun embrace the dark side.

Random fun fact: The voice actor for Cheetor is the father of the voice actress for Sweetie Belle!

1509986 No spoilers but there's going to be some more developments with that. :raritywink:

1510580 Yeah, I knew that! :pinkiehappy: Small world.

I really hope you continue this soon. It's a very good take on this kind of crossover.

Quickstrike is going to land near Applelosa isn't he?

1661128 Thank you very much! I'm dealing with moving into a new home, but I plan to get back on this soon!

1664013 Not quite that far. You'll see. :raritywink:

I wish I could write this good! :twilightsheepish:
First of all, great characterization as always, but Pinkie and Tarantulas stole the show for me. 'Alecon, Willows' I see what you did there. :trixieshiftright:
Also great fight sequences for the Predacons, showing off how dangerous they can truly be, even with such ridiculous personalities.
Yeah, Pinkie and Tarantulas... :rainbowlaugh:

I could practically hear Tarantulas's sanity slipping away, though I'm questioning him spitting out teeth as an error or a gag.

And I've just realized that the most sane predacon may be Waspinator. Think about it, it will scare you.

Come on Pinkie dont brake Tarantulas. And Im sorry but inferno and Quickstrike both beat a ton of royal guards earlier and for them to lose to these ponies even if there elements of harmony seems a little far fetched. Or are they still injured from celestia? Which I guess would make some sense for them to loss.

Great chapter, three seperate battles all in a short time span and each one awsome in its own unique way.

First of all, AJ and Big Mac vs Whiplash, while decidedly one sided for the most part (in favor of the Apple siblings), it was still very tense by the fact that Whiplash had a major advant in ranged combat. It also showed how the limited knowlege of the predicons hurt them in that how the transformation gave Whiplash the chance to KO Big Mac. :applecry: If it wasn't for that, I bet the two of them would have soon started a game of predicon ping pong.

On the second front, Twilight and RD vs Inferno, was much more gripping in how dangerous it was. I don't know how many other Beast Wars fans realized this, but Inferno was the only predicon that never got an upgrade (or started with an upgraded form) and yet still was a major threat on the battle field. Even still, our favorite book readers were at a slight disadvantage still, what with their worry over Spike and the minor trouble of fighting on an empty stomach. All in all a good match with only one point that had me confused; while Inferno in midair and was distracted with Twilight, why didn't Rainbow Dash use the Sonic Rainboom. While it may not be a purely combat move, a pony hoof traveling at supersonic speeds would more than likely collapse Inferno's armor, if not blow straight thru him. Maybe the aformentioned hunger prevented her, but otherwise good job there.

Last but not least, Pinkie Pie vs Tarantulas, this was a prime example of the tables being turned on the disadvantage front. Tarantulas, who in my opinion has always been the most cautious of the predicons, was suddenly caught in the worst sitation for him; his opponent knew more about him than he knew about her, she never really seemed to be fearful of confused by him, and he was given almost zero chance to make a plan. With that, the one time he's able to get the upper hand and holds Dinky hostage, it ends up backfiring by setting himself up for a mama-bear attack from Derpy. Also, congrats on giving your explaination for why Pinkie pushes beyond the fourth wall. While it was odd to see Pinkies super-awarness kicked into overdrive, I've seen alot worse (i/e: making it a near god-mode ablity to do anything :pinkiecrazy:) and with that, while you showed off her craziness you also showed the bounderies and limitations of it in your universe (her awareness being limited by her attention span, and her hammerspace ablity limited by needing puns and comedy to activate)

All in all a good chapter, I honestly can't say it was worth the wait, but it definatly serves to stave my appitite till the next one.

Till then, Carry on and EEyup.

2000152 Thank you! Yes, I was hoping some fans would catch that little nod. It's tricky to keep every fight interesting while keeping them different, so I'm glad that the Pinkie/Tarantulas fight was your fave. :pinkiehappy:

2000364 Well, they're probably not exactly "teeth" in the usual sense, but I was thinking of those mouth-needle-thingies that quiver when he talks. And it's true. It's very very true. :rainbowlaugh:

2001232 My reasoning there is that the Predacons were all in a group fighting together with guns blazing. Here, they're each on their own fighting at least one pony with a special skill (Rarity's craftiness, Rainbow Dash's speed and cloud control, Pinkie Pie's...Pinkie Pie-ness, etc.) so they don't have a squad to back them up. Also, the guards had enchanted armor to protect them from the Preds' energy weapons. Here, one shot would kill a pony so I had to keep it balanced so the ponies could win. But in fairness, each Predacon is strong enough to take on at least one of the Mane Six at a time. Only a few of the ponies have come out of a battle unscathed so far.

2001733 Thanks very much for the compliments and critique! :twilightsmile: You got everything I was trying to convey. My only excuse for the lack of a Sonic Rainboom is because it takes time and distance to build up to one, and Inferno was too close. (But in reality I honestly didn't think of that.:twilightsheepish:)

How come you updated this before you posted it on deviantart?

Anyways, wow. I mean, :pinkiegasp: That was incredible. So let's take stock from the predecons

Waspinator: currently being charmed by Fluttershy, unlikely to come back to megatron at the moment.

Inferno: Totally put up a mighty firefight and actually came close to burning down the treehouse and all of ponyville. Put Twilight and Rainbow Dash both at risk, totally making them feel fear and fire. (Insert obligatory Death Battle joke about RD having done this sort of thing before :rainbowlaugh:) The bit with Spike somehow being fireproof was actually brilliant. Does that mean he actually was in little trouble in the treehouse, or was falling firebranches still a danger? Actually though, psycho king's right: Inferno gets props for being without upgrade but still remaining unpredictably dangerous. Awesome.

Tarantulus: :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: The scientist is again bamboozeld by pinkie the crazy with ESP. So, her pinkie sense is what gives her her 4th wall powers? interesting.

Quickstrike: The cowboy predecon faced down the cowboy family, leading to a real hoedown slingdown. it's a ton of fun, and as of such, it's much to our surprise that brother and sister managed to defeat him soundly. Huh.

Rampage and Dinobot are both already spoken for, so they're in the works, but where is Megatron? And what happened to the moonstone?

Great stuff. :rainbowwild:

honestly my one nitpick about this chapter was about something you said in Derpy's basement. If you look at Tarantulus' face during the show, you may notice that it doesn't have teeth.

Other than that, everything was great. the characters were portrayed almost perfectly and I really got a sense of how dangerous the predacons are to the ponies. Plus, making Quickstrike of all predacons seem threatening is an achievement in and of itself.

2002165 Thanks! :twilightsmile: As for Deviantart, I haven't put it up there yet simply because I haven't drawn the cover picture yet. :b

2010523 I explained in another comment that I was referring to those mouth-needle-thingies that quiver when he talks. Yeah, they're not "teeth" in the proper sense, but teeth was the only word that could simply describe them other than mouth-needle-thingies. :twilightsheepish:

I first want to say Inferno will likely have refered to Princess Celestia as a Rival Queen instead of a False Roalty. Ants would achnolage theri are other queens and royalties but to Inferno Megatron is his Royalty that in all like given his ant mind Princess Celestia is the Ponie's Royalty. Not False Royalty.

2076779 My reasoning is that Inferno is wholly devoted to Megatron and would refuse to even acknowledge the existence of a potential rival queen that could challenge him. She's just another fool to burn. Plus, this false queen blew Megatron up (as well as himself), so he's bound to be kinda pissy about it.

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