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I'm a bisexual atheist from texas suffering from how lame life is and how awesome I am in comparison. (that's a joke...you can laugh now...)


What's been up lately · 4:26am Jan 4th, 2014

So for those of you who actually follow me and like my stories, number one thank you for being patient. Number two, allow me to explain why there's been a lack of stories and updates (not that it matters. I haven't gotten any MAJOR requests except for Big Mac's Secret Desire) I am still working on chapter 2 of Big Mac's Secret Desire, and YES it will be mostly gay sex (the hint there is mostly, as in not all of it.) I apologize if y'all have been annoyed or bored or whatever, but I've been busy

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Favorite Quotes

"The reason why men LOVE sex is because they get to have it with a woman. Woman don''t tend to want sex because they have to have it with a man. Also the men usually perform poorly, or just enough to make them satisfied and not the woman. Woman like to cuddle after sex because they're still horny, you did nothing for them. 40% of women don't enjoy sex because they have to have sex with a man." - Louis C.K.

" I'll do you In Utero: Serve the Servants is about critics who have no idea what they're talking about, Scentless Apprentice is about the novel "Perfume", Heart Shaped Box is about Courtney Love (his wife), Rape Me is about how the media treated him, Francis Farmer Will Haver Her Revenge on Seattle was another jab at critics, Dumb is about desensitizing yourself, Milk It is about his daughter, Pennyroyal Tea is a dreary composition about life, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter is a jab at the record labels, Torrette's is a punk deconstruction, and All Apologies is the best song on there and the best song they ever made for the following reason: In Utero is basically Kurt screaming and wailing about his life and about how people fuck around with him. All Apologies is a "fuck you" song. It's "I'm sorry I'm not who you want me to be, go fuck yourself." It's a glorious piece of music." - Regidar

"Incest is HOT, unless it's with my family." - Austin Morrison

"Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses...some of those that burn crosses, are the ones that hold office!" - Rage Against the Machine

"Fuck you I won't do what you tell me!" - Rage Against the Machine

"AIDS is killing the entire African nation, and a vaccine is still supposedly under preparation, but these governments, they don't mind the procrastination, they say we'll kill them off, take their land and go there for vacation." - Rage Against the Machine

"A man told me that I couldn't say the word 'midget' because it's just as bad as saying the 'N' word. I'm pretty sure if you compare the 'badness' of 2 words, and you won't even say one of the words, then that word is the worst." - John Mulaney

"You're about as useful as a condom machine in the Vatican City" - Arnold Rimmer

"Who left the fridge door open?!" - My mom

Top 15 Favorite Bands

These are not in order
1. Rage Against the Machine
2. A Perfect Circle
3. The Police
4. Metallica
5. Pink Floyd.
6. AC/DC
7. Led Zepellin
8. Guns n' Roses
9. Disturbed
10. Nirvana
11. Nero
12. Skrillex (yes, Skrillex)
13. Flux Pavilion
14. Modestep
15. Dubba Jonny

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804622:pinkiehappy: I'm glad to know!:twilightsmile: Have yourself a lovely day!

804226 Your message is SO CUTE!!! just made my day. :pinkiesad2: :heart:

Hiya! How are you at the moment? Just like to send a big ol' metaphysical hug from somewhere in Australia. Yes, I am currently riding a kangaroo, no need to ask.:raritywink: Have a nice day friend!:twilightsmile:

717579 Im actually working on it, I was surprised by the number of people who enjoyed it so I decided on continuing the story! :pinkiehappy:

i want a sueqeul of story Big mac secret desire!!!! *^*:heart:

(sorry for my english XD)

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Top 15 Favorite Video Games

These are not in order
1. Alan Wake
2. Bioshock 1-Infinite
3. Dead Space 1-2
4. Eternal Sonata
5. all HALO games (except halo wars)
6. Oblivion
7. Skyrim
8. Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2
9. Ratchet and Clank
10. Dark Cloud
11. Silent Hill 1-Homecoming (not origins!!!)
12. Assassins Creed 1-3
13. Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions
14. Okage Shadow King
15. all Guitar Hero games

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