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This is interesting. Probably ooc for Cadance but I can get past it.

6820943 OOC? Yeah, kinda had to make my peace with my usual standards to get anywhere. I'd get nowhere fast if I decided to hold myself to my usual rules. Downvotes tell me that I probably should've stuck to them.

6820963 Depends. Psychology is a fickle mistress and so are the workings of the mind. Maybe Cadence just wanted to actually be able to raise a loving family and not just be some ruler of a nation? You may never know.

And I had no idea the Shadowbolts were real til now. I'd also have imagined the cape was stained as well but... Meh, details at this point in time for me to think involving 'Who has sex on with just their cape and since ponies don't really wear clothes so...' And so on.

Actually sounds very interesting

Right so... here... Sombra blames Shining for something nonsensical. Seriously, I can't really parse what he's accusing Shining of being, but it sounds like it's supposed to be a rather standard "the wife cheated on her husband, but it's his fault for being a shitty person." Cadance is really the good guy or the victim despite being the one who cheated and kept cheating and even agreed to have a child with Sombra, and kept wanting that even though she's supposed to actually love Shining?

And at the end there's some kind of "you aren't allowed to be jealous" double bind situation. Shining is supposed to... what? Not actually want his wife to be faithful? Or not be upset she betrayed him? But if he did that would basically be because he didn't love her.

I probably wouldn't agree with her actions even if it was just purely "Cadance cheats on Shining because she's fallen deeper in love with Sombra" but at least that doesn't play morality games to try to justify what Cadance is doing.

This is a very loaded situation. On one hand, the cheater can be shown as the bad guy, on the other, it's the actual husband who can be shown as the bad guy.

There's alot of gray areas here and there where things can be highlighted almost non stop to show how the other side is wrong (though in this case, they'd be arguing with the dead).

I can only say this: Yes, Shining could have done better definitely in being the pillar for/with his wife but how much is truly enough? Each will be different so there's no definite answer. And answering making them happy falls into the same category, each person is different so no use using that point.

6840043 I have to be honest I fail to see how this is Shining Armor's fault. He didn't run away from Cadance, he didn't cheat on Cadance, he didn't hurt Cadance he just didn't get her pregnant and, in her opinion, the sex wasn't creative enough for her liking. Those aren't things he can be morally held accountable for since pregnancy is the result of biology not personal preference in this case and the sexuality is something she never even raised with him till she decided to cheat.

Honestly I'm amazed that Cadance and Sombra aren't obviously being treated as morally wrong here. That Shining Armor gets called 'Mr Jealous' for being hostile to a being who's tried to kill him before and is busy cuckolding him is obviously hurtful yet Sombra suffers no rebuke from Cadance for this. Not to mention Cadance herself took the decision to cheat on Shining Armor. That's an enormous breach of trust. When she married him she pledged faithfulness and an emotionally reciprocal bond of trust. Yet here she insists that because he didn't give her foals that, rather than seeking advice from Celestia or such, she simply summoned a former tyrant and murderer and agreed to bear his children and start an affair with him.

Also, I must stress, it is an enormous breach of the trust between her and Shining that she, as his wife, simply decided to bear Sombra's child without even asking Shining about how it would impact their relationship. It's heart breaking to see how cold and cruelly Cadance is treating this Shining, particularly in light of their recent canonical conception of a child.

So honestly I'd have to say that Shining is clearly the injured party, and really injured I mean his wife treats him horribly and allows her lover/tyrant to casually boast of his relationship with her to her husband's face and rebuke him, and shows little to no affection to Shining. Considering the bond of Twilight and Shining I can only imagine that Twilight is going to be incredibly angry with Cadance. It's genuinely heart breaking to see Cadance just casually toss Shining Armor aside as if he means nothing and as if Sombra and her somehow have a moral high ground.

I deeply hope that Shining divorces Cadance since clearly he has little to no place in her heart compared to Sombra's sexual prowess and her devotion to him lasted only as long as it took for her to get bored of the sex.

That being said, to the author, I apologize for my negative view, it is of course only my opinion, and I have nothing against you personally, I just do think the way this relationship is unfolding is very unhealthy and it is wrong that Shining is being turned into the villain compared to Sombra, a real villain and evil being, and Cadance is treating Shining horribly.

Good luck in all your future endeavors

Both of you make very good points. That Shining is somehow blamed for this is not surprising, but that's because I imagine neither Cadance nor Sombra are good enough people to admit that it's their fault and try to push it on the not as forceful and/or hypocritical Shining Armor instead. And poor Shining Armor falls into the trap of accepting blame he honestly shouldn't.

I even thought at first that Shining had sent Cadance to the couch! It would've been his right. Nope, it's Cadance punishing the husband who was faithful for not being on board with her affair by withholding affection. So, the part about her still loving him so much looks more like a lie Cadance is telling herself so she doesn't have to feel like the horrible person she's being.

Shining should get off of that couch and leave. Maybe visit his sister. Screw Cadance. Oh wait, she has Sombra for that! Shining Armor might as well go see if one of Twilight's friends is available for when Cadance decides she doesn't need him in her life anymore.

Is him being disaffectionate after Cadance revealed she was cheating (and/or started acting distant because she was cheating) what Sombra was accusing him of? I thought it was something like "You left too much (because of your job) therefore you are at fault."

It would be actually rather believable if Shining is not okay with her cheating on him, and after his trust and affection is broken she compounds it by saying things that basically mean "I don't regret cheating on you and want to do worse to you"... and Cadance unfairly blames him for not liking Sombra and being justifiably upset with her.

That basically she is, in-canon, being unfair to Shining just unable to see it. Or possibly even Sombra being manipulative, in that he is telling the technical truth but casting Shining as the "bad guy" because he's jealous or disaffectionate, even though both of those things are completely reasonable, hoping that Cadance won't notice it's completely unfair to do so.

The first of these is hard to write and make obvious to the reader that the writer of the story doesn't agree with it (especially without blatantly saying something like that... and, while I prefer that, it's not strictly necessary to happen)... but definitely possible. Just tricky as heck. The latter is easier to write because presumably eventually Sombra will be asked directly "do you think it's unfair that I blamed Shining" and would have to say "of course it's unfair" but Cadance is just too much in love with Sombra to care.

i absolutely hate cadence in this and i believe that shining has nothing to apologize for. cadence should have never trusted sombra and sought advice from the almost hundreds of sources she has access too. in this story she is purely driven by her lust for something new and exciting while using the kingdom as an excuse. enough said.

Just to let everyone know ;~: this story is now Canceled. He died 2 weeks ago due to a severe seizure in side of his head ;~:. I loved him very muchie and I am sad my love passed away. :~:

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