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While on a ship out at sea, Fluttershy is shipwrecked and begins a journey across the seas. She makes new friends and gets to know a pirate captain.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 15 )

This so the seems interesting. Hope to see more of it.

What is Sombras role in this

6041240 He's not evil, that much I can tell you.

6041403 soooo love interest? Is he shipped with flutters? If you don't wanna spoil it pm me

6076149 hmm, not bad. But which one sounds like Sombra?

Nice to see another chapter of thai story. It was interesting to see 2 members of the CMC, Twilight, RD, Big Mac, Blueblood, and Sombra. Hope to see more of the story.

6615418 Thank you. I really am trying.

Finally got around to reading this, and awesome. Really love the set up. Would love to see this continued. :)

7414541 Me too and I'm glad you like it. I hope I can deliver.

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