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I'm a Thirteen year-old-girl who is a fan of MLP:FIM and is a MAJOR FLUTTERCORD SHIPPER/FANATIC


After her parents died and her brother moved away, Fluttershy inherits her family's fortune and moves to Las Vegas, where she meets Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and a talking dog named Spike, but one day she meets a chaotic friend, who for some reason, can't stop thinking about her.

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An interesting premise. Please continue.

This sounds good so far.


Thanks, I'm thinking about what to write next

i believe daniel ingram wrote it, along with the other mlp songs.

Thank goodness for the internet

wait, did he facebook stalk her?!


Mmmaaaaaaaaayyybbbe:ajsmug:,............no, he just looked up how to make girls feel better, and giving her flowers was his result:twilightsmile:

LOL:rainbowlaugh: yeah, I mean he's low but not that low:unsuresweetie:

I like the story so far, you clearly have a love for writing and come up with good ideas. My only complaint is that in some chapters certain moments can feel quite rushed or forced, and there could be some content added, but all of this is understandable considering your age and lack of experience with the things you are writing about. But, despite this, you are clearly gifted in writing and shouldn't give up. I believe that all you are in need of is an older or more experienced writer to show you the ropes, so if you ever need a second opinion just send me a message as I too was once in your situation and I know how hard it can be. :raritywink:

You're making great improvements! I really like the story concept, but maybe try to slow down the pace a bit and the feelings. I'm the same age as you by the way, so I make the same mistakes.

cuz pinkie pie is going to keep a secret

So Sombra is a vampire... this makes surprisingly much sense.

D'AAAAAAAWWWWW.... fluttercord.... cuteness... to much.... (dies from cuteness overload)



well,.....guess what? I'm making a part three:ajsmug:

8080683 *excitement acts as defib unit* REALLY YAAAAAYY

8080683 *dies from worry and kawaii*

I KNEW IT! I had my suspicions about the bat


I knew if I put that the bat had GREEN eyes, people would get suspicious:ajsleepy::applejackunsure:

Oh boy, I don't know what to put for the next chapter:facehoof:

Me:"CURSE YOU WRITERS BLOCK":twilightangry2:

any ideas?


For such a young author, you are doing really great.

8086871 Since there is magic in this world, maybe they run into the human equivalent of the Everfree Forest and some stuff happens there.

Short, but nice. May you be the next DisneyFanatic23. :heart:

8089650 i think she will be, i love her fluttercord stories.

Love the chapter. How is it that you are one of the youngest writers on the site, yet your stories are better than some of the ones written by adults?


Well,.......um,.....I don't know:twilightblush: But wait til' you see the next chapter, you just might hate me:ajsleepy:

8094853 Seriously. The idea behind this story is more original than some concepts used by DisneyFanatic23. I doubt the next chapter will be awful.

*pulls up youtube.* YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8095001 was that song the one from he new movie because i loved that song

AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!:fluttercry: :applecry::twilightangry2::raritydespair:

That is my absolute favorite song in the new movie! The inclusion of it made this chapter all the more heart breaking. I am going to go cry in the corner now.


Yep I loved that song. so I added it to the recipe:twilightsmile:


Believe me,... I. FEEL. TERRIBLE:fluttercry:

I knew this would happen! Discord would've been better off letting her kiss him! At least they wouldn't be heartbroken!

Good job. I look forward to reading more!


So that's what you meant when you said I might hate you for this chapter! You better fix this or I will cast you into the darkest depths of Tartarus!

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