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Based off of 'Bride of the Water God'

In a small village, Chaos ruled over with an iron fist. In order to appease the angry God and bring order once again, one mare is chosen to be sacrificed as a Bride.

Poor Fluttershy is sure that she will never be happy again. Especially to this God, who is said to be more of a monster than anything.

Discord is aghast at receiving a bride that he never asked for. Especially a girl who is terrified of him.

Can a love between a fierce god and a shy maiden really form?

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This looks good! I look forward to seeing what happens next, and learning why exactly the villagers hated Fluttershy and wanted to sacrifice her. Please update fairly soon!

Omg love it!!!!! :yay:

I'm fairly excited to see this story go through, as I have read 'The Bride of the Water God', although the original manga was too dramatic for my taste. But even if you do plan on taking that road I'm perfectly fine and would gladly follow this to the end. It's even starting out great and smoothly, I love it! It's even funnier than I expected a parody of the story to be. Kudos to you! :raritywink:

By the way, is there any... Nakbin... Along the way? XD Although it doesn't seem so - Butta still, I dun know if I'm prepared to meet her again

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The Twin

This is an interesting idea for a story and I really like it so far. Especially the part that Discord didn't want a bride, I assume he'll grant her wish and not obliterate the village like he seems to want him.

This looks like it will be a great story and I can't wait for more! I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next!

This is really good! I love it! :heart:

Hope you update soon (and see that those villagers get their Just Desserts.) :pinkiecrazy:

Nice chapter wish it had been longer but I know that can be really hard to do. Also it didn't need to be longer the chapter did its job. Can't say i'm surprised Fluttershy had that reaction to a guy she thinks wanted a virgin sacrifice, but he could've made sure to not set himself on fire out of rage. Not the best first impression. Keep up the good work.

Yes, an update. I am a bit sad it's short, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

I just thought of the pony who thought it was a good idea to say that Discord wants a bride. I imagined him or her syaing: "Hey everyone! I just watched Bride of Discord and both Discord and the Chaos God are very similar! Lets get the shyest, and kindest pegasus to be his bride!" And then everyone agreed. So they hunted down such a mare and ended up with Fluttershy! :rainbowlaugh:

Yay! Update! Thank you! Can't wait to see where this story is headed!

Love it, and especially how the characters are being portrayed <3 also I'm sure we can all wait, so take your time :twilightsmile:

It was king of comforting to see someone so carefree.

I think you mean "Kind".

Crap. This is why I suck at editing.

7997568 We all have our off days.

Any hope of this being continued. It is well written and has a great plot line.

Eh. I'm not really in the fandom (both this one and Bride of the Water God) anymore.
Maybe someday, but I have other things I want to prioritize. If I do come back to it, it'll be to re-write it.

About that....I'm not into MLP as I was last year when I wrote it and I want to focus on some other projects and school at the moment. I may return to this someday, but if I do, it'll be to rewrite it.

JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA, only they skipped parts of the confinement and went straight to turn themselves in

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