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Hey, no sweat; placed it on my Favourites for the same reason anyone would to a story they like.

And that’s great news! I’m craving for new chapters. Although, make sure you’re not writing it out of obligation - might make you burnt out. I see you take your time writing the story and I’m happy if you’ve found a comfortable pace for yourself.

It’s funny you mention it too since I’ve finished the whole trilogy (so far) yesterday, and I can say the darker turn was somehow a nice breather to the usually more calmer nature of the stories I read; The moment you killed Rainbow and Pinkie I knew you couldn’t be trusted with their lives, haha, and I was all up for it. I can see too a great exploration to the extent that the Hives would take if they were more strategical, and oh boy am I a sucker for doomsday. The fact you were able to utilise the characters to very fitting survival roles was a delight, although in my own opinion I want to hear more of Apple Jack; I know she helps with the TreeHAB farm and scavenging, but her main role seems to be her little skits with Screw Job.

I’d honestly make an essay if I go on, but outside the fact that it is a Fluttercord story, that’s more or less specifically why I liked it.

I swear though, if that little comment about Fluttershy possibly getting her wings back if Discord perishes becomes an actual plot point, you better start compensating with fluff and feel good moments between the two.

Hey, thanks for adding The Pegasus who Kicked the Changelings' Hive to your favorites. I don't know how much you've read of it so far (*chuckles* if any), but I am hoping to have the next chapter posted sometime this month.

2326611 :twilightsmile: I can see that.
Just you've been here for almost a year and I was wondering.

2254636 U-uhh... H-hi? Sorry, I don't usually get visitors. Heh. :twilightsheepish:

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