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I'm a Fourteen year-old-girl who is a fan of MLP:FIM and is a MAJOR FLUTTERCORD SHIPPER/FANATIC



This story is a sequel to Is He A Monster?

After Two years of Dating, Discord realizes that he can't live without his beloved, so he plans to pop the question, but Sombra, desiring a queen superior to all, he soon decides that Fluttershy is the perfect one, is enraged, so he calls for the help of creatures called Changelings, will Fluttershy be doomed? Or will her love with discord prevail in stopping this evil king of shadows?

Chapters (12)
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I see you have a Sombra tag, I wonder how you plan to use him.


ahhahahahahah, just keep reading, it's the only way you'll ever know:pinkiecrazy:


Thanks, I've just been having a lot of inspiration lately, and I couldn't resist making a sequel to my previous story;
"Is He A Monster?":twilightsmile:

Okay, some context in that scene would've been nice, at least an establishment of setting. Also I was confused as to who was talking at some moments.

Comment posted by Redrose99875 deleted Jan 23rd, 2017


aww,....you don't like it?:fluttershysad: Well I'll try to keep that in mind, thanks for the opinion

It was cute. I think it helps build up the fluttercord relationship before the drama really begins.


Thanks, I appreciate the compliments, but I don't know if I should make the next chapter the one her proposes:applecry:

so I need opinons

7891576 well discord does need to get a ring for her

Squee!! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what happens next with Sombra. This is gonna be great!


yep, and with how nervous he is, he'll need it:ajsmug:

Eek! I hope you update soon! I can't wait to see what diabolical deeds Sombra has planned.

Not bad, but it needs more to build to the drama! I'm hoping for a love spell or something. That'd be great! Cause then, using the power of his true love, Discord must do what he can to rescue his beloved. ^.^

Dude,......I'm not finished, what happened was just the beginning of Sombra's plan:fluttercry:

oh discord is not going to like the new fluttershy

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm fangirling! Thank you and I look forward to more in the future!

Um, hate to ruin the nice moment, but there's still a bad guy and his army of changelings that you need to take care of. So yeah, there's that. All in all, good job.


annnnnnnnd thats where the next chapter comes in:pinkiecrazy:

Hee! Hee! I liked this chapter.

Final verdict- It was a nice story, though I can't help but notice some references to Bride of Discord. Also, the part with the villain felt a little fast and thrown in. Not to be rude, but you should try to work on pacing and taking time to establish the story. I wish you good luck as a writer, and hope you improve with later works!


Thanks, it took FOREVER for me to write:applecry:


I remember reading this a long time ago when there were only a few chapters. Man I cannot wait to see what happens next.:pinkiehappy:

I loved the Frozen reference. Also loved the story as a whole.:pinkiehappy:


Thanks, and just so all of you don't worry, Cheese TRULY does love Pinkie, and he will treat her right, unlike HANS did for ANNA:trixieshiftleft:

Sigh! You know about the A=Team from re-runs your sister watches? Reminds me of the first time I saw "I Love Lucy" on cable. I only knew about her from the "Lucy Show" and "Here's Lucy".

I might get diabetes from all the sweetness!

Really? Looking back, I find it pretty cringy, but I'm happy you like it :twilightsmile:

No problem! Honestly, the only time I let grammatical errors bother me is when it's my own work; I'm a bit of a perfectionist. As long as the story's entertaining, then it's A-ok in my book. Besides, writing shouldn't be for others. It should be, first and foremost, for yourself.

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