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Every culture has it's own set of myths, legends and folklore to answer the big questions on how the world works. This is a collection of drabbles that chronicles those stories. From Equestria to the Griffin Kingdoms to the Minotauren Islands.

AN I've always sort of been a fan of myths and legends but a little heads up, I likely won't be able to update this as frequently or regularly as my other stories. I'm mostly just starting this because I had a brilliant idea for a pony myth and I wanted to share. Hopefully I'll be able to update this story more than once. Only time will tell.

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Flash Sentry believes in Atlantis even when all others say he's crazy. When he receives an opportunity to follow his dream to find the legendary city, he jumps at the chance. What follows is an adventure of the ages that won't be forgotten.

This is an older story of mine that's been overhauled and rewritten. I hope you enjoy it. Also, doesn't ponified Kida look a little like Twilight to you?

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When Arceus brings his Pokémon and trainers to Equus, some end up in the Northern Mountains. This is the story of what happened next.

This is my own side story for the story, A New Word and New Way by zeusdemigod131 and is a crossover with my other story, Snow and Wind. To those familiar with this story, I'd like to inform you that, while I will be using the same culture and characters found in Snow and Wind the storyline is completely separate as it is set in an alternate universe.

And to those who've read, A New World a New Way, I will have humans who've been turned into Pokémon. However, I will not be using humans from the video games or anime because A) I am not and gamer and have never played Pokémon and B) I thought the anime sucked and I will leave it at that because I don't want to go into full rant mode.

The humans I will be using will mostly hail from the Pokémon Adventures manga.

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What do a geek, a DJ, a doctor, a nurse, a writer and a soldier have in common? Answer, all six of us became the first of our species. See, it all started when some nutjob started a ritual that would transform the country into some sort of wild lands with every human becoming mindless animals.

Fortunately, that didn't happen because of some very brave individuals. But there were trade offs. To make a long story short, the good news is that nobody became a mindless animal. But in exchange, America and the attached countries became a real life Equestria.

A vast majority became ponies, but some didn't. Some became thestrals, others were turned into Breezies and then there's us. We didn't turn into Breezies or thestrals, we became the world's first changelings. This is our story.

This is a part of the verse established in the Cool Story Bro, But it needs More......Ponies trilogy so check that out so you won't be confused.

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Hello and welcome all (especially the ladies), my name is Jea-ha, the Ryokuryuu or Green Dragon. And yes, I am available.

How can you say such things so casually, Jea-ha? It is distasteful. My name is Kija, the Hakuryuu, otherwise known as the White Dragon and don't mind my brother.

And Zeno is Zeno, the Ouryuu or Yellow Dragon! Pleased to meet you all! And this is Seiryuu, the Blue Dragon!

...... Shin-ah.

Well, now that introductions are out of the way, let's begin. Our story starts where any Displaced story starts. At a convention. We had attended the con dressed as the Dragon Warriors from Akatsuki no Yona, bought something from The Merchant, and now here we are in Equestria.

A\N Again, no idea who made this art, but credit to them.

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Chrysalis has won, Twilight is dying and everything looks hopeless. Still feeling the sting of betrayal from her friends, three powerfull entities visit Twilight's fading mind and offer her a deal. To not only survive, but to assume their mantle of power. Twilight accepts and is reborn as the next Queen of the kaiju.

This is all based on Snow Ghost Pony's, Kaiju Rumble. Credit for this wonderful idea goes to them.

Edit A\N new cover! This cover is fan art created by Cyanjames2819 and they did a wonderful job. Shout out to Cyanjames, thank you!

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My name is Eric and this is my wife, Saskia. How to Train Your Dragon has always had a special place in our hearts and after the second movie came out, we decided to go a convention together, dressed as Night Furies. What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently, an awful lot.

We bought this Night Fury egg from this guy dressed as the Merchant and we ended up in an alternate Equestria as Night Furies. Well on the bright side, we always wanted to be parents.

A\N The cover is a picture by Choedan-Kal.

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Hello, my name is Ori. I used to have a different name (and species) but since I was pretty much reborn as Ori, I figured that would be my name too. Anyways, my story starts at a con I attended dressed as Ori from Ori and the Blind Forest (because he's frikkin awesome and cute as heck). I bought something from the Merchant and the rest you know.

A\N I've recently learned how to upload images for my avatar so I thought I'd apply it to cover art. And here it is. I don't know who made this or how, but credit goes to them.

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My name is Octavia Philharmonic. And this is the story of how my new life. The life that started when I died and became a vampire pony. And it all started with my older sister, Melody Note. But these days, most know her as Vinyl Scratch.

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Ghosts don't exist, but the Cutiemark Crusaders swear they saw one. But since all the other adults don't believe them, they do the only thing they can think of. They go hunting for their ghost and they find a friend. A friend who's home, family and entire nation is in grave danger.

A windigo story

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