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Note Sketch

Note here, not much to say other than I love to write. My dyslexia is a huge obstacle when it comes to that, but I still enjoy sharing my stories, especially about King Sombra, my favorite villain!


Politics are delicate. Any wrong move could spiral into something horrible. Celestia is no novice and knows her way around politicians from other countries. Yet now, when Equestria is slowly nearing a direct conflict with a bordering nation, Taurusia, home of the Minotaurs, she comes in contact with Sombra.

He reveals a great deal of information to her. How he faked his own death. How he influenced the battle against Tirek. How he became King of Tartarus. And now, after finally accomplishing his goal of ruling the forsaken realm of Tartarus, he comes by to request an alliance with Equestria.

All that Sombra truly wants is fame. Whether it be as a hero or a villain, he just wishes his position as King of Tartarus to be known. And so Celestia is given a choice. She can either make him an ally, somepony who could certainly come in handy given circumstances, or reject his offer and make him spread his name in infamy instead.

She makes the only choice she can. She only wishes it was the right one.

Celestia X Sombra fic

Will be heavily comedy with hints of dark elements early on. Later in the story it will be flip around and be mostly dark with some comedy.

Cover Art sketched by me and finished into this master piece by Midnight Sonare

First featured on 6/4/2015!

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I'm excited to see where this will go. :twilightsmile:
I'll be waiting patiently for the next update.

I'm so glad to see this story being published.

You got my attention. I look forward to more :)

Magnificent piece of work, you have my approval


that end was pretty funny, hell, after seeing that mess... I'd even need a drink!

Excellent. I voted for this one, there's no way I wouldn't read it.

Count me really curious about this repeatedly mentioned Manehatten incident.

She couldn't tell if he was leering or glaring, either way, his presence alone brought dread to her heart.

Hahaha! I see what you did there.

The waiter from before slowly poked his head out of the crowd just outside the gathering hall. He made his way to Rarity with a trey full of drinks and placed it on a stable table close by before talking to her.
"Y-Your drinks."

That is one impressively dedicated waiter, he deserves some sort of commendation.


Tartarus is a PRISON. Used by Celestia to lock up dangerous monsters.

You don't form alliances with the Prison Bitch.

5954950 I'm treating Tartarus like Hades from Greek Mythology in this fic, only that it can work as both hell AND a prison. Like it's where the unholy go to after death, but because of magical gateways, one can access it via portals to send prisoners before hand as well. :twilightsmile:

i expect two things to happen from this.

Name's Sombra Lord of the Dead! Hey how ya doin?

If you make this Sombra into a Hades type character I one hundred percent approve!

Dude,you just made my day. Thank you. So where Elysium fields would be?

Ah yes, the nature of Tartarus in Equestria is largely debatable. Since the author mentions his version will be similar to the Greek/Roman Underworld one ruled by Hades/Pluto, meaning it will not only be a place where the dead go but as a prison realm. The Underworld was divided into certain areas. Tartarus was reserved as a prison/place of torment for the Titans who the Olympians defeated, for mortals who irked the gods and where some of the nastiest monsters came from and went to. The Elysium Fields were an idyllic paradise where deserving mortals ended up in a garden of Eden/ Paradise where they knew no suffering. Everyone else just wandered around and tried not to piss of Hades/Pluto. In his realm he was supreme.

very nice indeed, I was expecting a lot from this story and it is filling this expectation very good.
But, I belive that Sombra is already a very known being, why just the six panicked with his presence at the party? And even then,someone dressed as a very menacing king should bring alot of attention, the bad type.
Either way, I really like this story, just don't make he smile too much, I belive that someone of his rank should have a stone face.

5963605 To answer your questions, yes the Tyrant of the Crystal Empire is known, but Sombra himself isn't. Let me explain what I mean.

I am a fan of a band called Sixx AM. I like their music and their lead singer, Nicki Sixx has a talk show on the radio that I listen to. I have heard all sorts of stories about him, he's spoken of his time on tours, his time with his family, and even how some songs came to be along with the usual talk show news. Yet, to this date, I don't know what he looks like. I've heard his voice, heard his music, his stories, but I can't put a face to the name.

Sombra, in this first chapter, is the same way. The only ponies to have seen him were the Crystal Ponies, Shining Armor, Princess Cadence, the Mane Six, and the Royal Sisters. Sure that these ponies might have told others of who Sombra is, but they don't really know how he looks like.

Also, note how Rainbow Dash only mentions his Crown and Cape, not his armor. He would know better than to wear battle armor to a formal gathering. So truth be told, the only thing that stands out is his stature and spike of a horn. Things easily missed when you're surrounded by other exotic personalities and tall ponies. Fleur De Lis and Fancy Pants in particular seem to be taller and with longer horns than the average citizen.

As far as Sombra himself smiling too much, it is simply part of his personality. He is a little on the smug side, but not without reason. His smile dictates to others just much control he has over the situation. I like to give the Sombras in my stories personalities that set them apart both from one another as well as from the rather dull Sombra of the season 3 premier. This one just happens to smile a little more.

Could we say that Tyrant of the Crystal Empire is a legend like Star Swirl the Bearded ?

worries on onto Pinkie's pep

the wording here seems a bit odd.

His eyes lit in his dark magic seeped away the fear of the ponies around him, only empowering him more

To me the wording is once again a bit odd, "seeped" is an odd choice of word from where I'm sitting. Maybe consider changing it "His eyes framed in an increasingly flickering flame turned to face the group of friends" or something. I make no claims to know language to a degree worth pursuing writing but the wording is weird to me, it works but it rolls clumsily on my tongue.

Loving the start and eagerly await what you have planned for the continuation of the story, don't forget that if you need help with anything, I'm willing to give it a try!

5995382 Thanks for the input as always! Though I think I see the problem on the second one. I forgot to include 'as' in the sentence.

His eyes lit in his dark magic as he seeped away the fear of the ponies around him, only empowering him more.

That's what it was supposed to say. Still look clunky?

5995523 for some reason I want to say "leeched" would sit better there but the manner in which he acquires the fear is a passive manner, isn't it?

nice! Here, take this mustache, :moustache:

And happy 21st! (i told you i was evil) >:)

Really liked the interaction between Sombra and Celestia in this chapter.

You certainly know how to make my day. Nice to see another great chapter

I rather like the personality that you put Sombra into.

Interesting motivation for Sombra. He becomes King of Tartarus, which gives him a lot of power, then realizes that it's actually boring and lonely in Tartarus, so he forces an alliance on Celestia basically as an excuse to hang around Equestria and go to fancy parties. He's like an evil version of Rarity, so far his driving motivation seems to be he wants to be the Pony Everypony Should Know. I like that, and I can't wait to see more of his goals.

Ah, Tirek, what a classic mistake. If you are going to make a deal as an evil overlord with another evil overlord, never assume that the cooperation will extend past the point where the terms are fully satisfied. Once a deal with the devil is over, it's over.

"How was I supposed to know I shouldn't attack the big baddie we had previously attacked?" Rainbow defended herself as she pointed her hoof at him.
"You weren't." Celestia said with a sigh. "Sombra was supposed to stay in the library until his formal presentation. That way, we could have avoided something like this from happening."

Rainbow Dash Did Nothing Wrong! :derpytongue2:

Fun banter between Celestia and Sombra.

I like how you write Sombra, I really do! :raritystarry:

Another thing: I doubt that Cadence will take Celestia's choice happily.

When will this be updated? :D

6190490 Oooh I like how you think! :pinkiecrazy:

i cant wait for this to continue
or them bang :P

Can I just say that I love it !! REALLY liked the bond between Celestia and Sombra. Hope the story keeps on going since It's a favorite!

Great job! You hooked my interest! Keep it up man!

Wait a minute. This was posted in 2015? And never finished?... Well, that's unfortunate for me because I've recently gotten into this ship again, and I really liked the storyline so far. I hope this gets continued. :ajsleepy:

A shame this hasn't been updated in such long while...

Rip this story. A TiaXSombra sounds very interesting.

It's been seven years this hasn't been continued, why am I still hoping for this story to be updated

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