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Eric Michael Kline

I like fantasy. I like heroes. And unsurprisingly, I idolize Master Tolkien.


A bit of some bad news · 3:29am Jan 20th, 2016

I'm afraid I have some bad news in regards to the story. About a few days ago, my 4 year old laptop up and died on me which pretty much destroyed the latest chapter. I was hoping to get it up by month's end but now I'm afraid it won't be out until Feb.

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I just found and reread Shattered Glass again and its just as good as I remember it! I really hope you don't abandon it, as it is sooo good. I see you haven't been on the site in a while so this comment might not even reach you, but if it does, I hope you consider finishing the story!

Sorry about the busy schedule, I know that I have to deal with and writing my stories, it's a hard balancing act. Don't worry, I wasn't thinking that you were abandoning your story:twilightsmile: You were taking a nice little break, all writers need those every now and then:raritywink: Wow, that's so cool that you're writing a fantasy series, I have a feeling that it will be amazing!:raritystarry: What's it about? I know how you feel on the ships that most bronies aren't fond of, I mean I ship Fluttercord and bronies try to avoid that like the plague:pinkiesick:

I did read it and thank you. Don't worry I don't plan on giving up on the story until it's finished. Feb was just a bad month due to tax season and balancing Shattered Glass with work, managing my lotro character, as well as developing my own epic fantasy series which I hope to turn into a multi-media franchise. Plus I had to sort out how I'm going to approach the next chapter as there's going to be a pretty important fight scene which I have to plan carefully in order to make it believable considering who it's going to be between.

As for shipping; I don't really get into it much outside of established canon but there are a few which I'm partial to which most bronies aren't (IE-Rarimac and Flutterbulk)

Dear Eric Michael Kline,

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love and adore your story "Shattered Glass". :raritystarry::heart: I first read and reviewed your story on Fanfiction, which I don't know if you read my review or not. But regardless, you are a very talented writers and one of my favorites:pinkiesmile: I am so sorry about your major writer's block, I know how that feels, but I'm sure that inspiration will come to you soon:twilightsmile: Sorry about all those reviewers who kept nagging you on how they don't like Celestia as a flawed character in your story. I agree with you, it's great to have a god-like character like Celestia to be flawed. It makes her real and relatable. Great stories need to have flawed yet realistic characters. I know that you ship Celestia and Good Sombra together, but do you have any other ships? Do you ship Fluttershy and Discord by any chance? :twilightblush: Anyway, have a wonderful day and thank you to all the things you do.

Best Wishes,

Thanks for the follow to make me realize I wasn't following you already! :pinkiegasp:

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