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This group not only supports the pairing of the princess of the sun and the real leader of the Autobots, but also other positive interaction between Ponies and Transformers.

The two best Hasbro franchises combined!

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I only support this ship if one of two criteria are meet.

1) Optimus ends up in Equestria as a pony (preferably an Alacorn)

Or 2) Celestia ends up in the Transformers' universe and is turned into a Cybertronian ( Autobot )

And then Robot Unicorn was born:trollestia:
(c'mon, who didn't realize it?)

302431 thanks :pinkiehappy: ive ben in this group for a while now its really cool

Nissa !!!!! :pinkiegasp:
Welcome to Celestia Prime :pinkiehappy:
the group grows strong

well i think an idea for a stry is that we can have optimus and tia have a growing relationship but then a war could tear them apart via megatron putting tia in a comma and optimus takes revenge hoping to help the ponies IDK maybe it could work :unsuresweetie:

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