• Published 30th May 2015
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Megatron... Saviour? - Dark_Knight

My very first time ever Cosplaying took a turn for the worst... THIS IS A DISPLACED STORY!!!!

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After all these centuries, I am free. I took in my surroundings, noticing guards from both the day and night factions of the Equestrian Army, and my eyes narrowed on a white Unicorn wearing purple armor with gold trim and a grey Thestral wearing black armor with a silver trim, symbolizing their statuses as commanding officers. The two ponies stared at me, mouths gaping and eyes widened; I simply said this to them.

“Find new jobs outside of government.” I then concentrated, focusing on the mental image of my alternate form, before backflipping. I could feel my body change; my cannon was moved to the back, its rear opening up into an engine, while wings sprouted from my form, and my helmet centered itself on my vehicle mode: a Cybertronian Commander Jet, symbolizing MY status as a commanding officer. I then used the Dark Energon that flowed through my veins to locate Discord, which pointed me to a small village on the edge of the Everfree Forest that was half-floating and half-upside-down while a black throne stood in the town square.

And that smug little bastard was sitting right in it. Without delay, my engines roared to life as I launched myself towards the village, murder on my processors.


(Twilight’s POV)

We had Rainbow Dash tied down. It took us longer than I liked to get her; Discord made her betray us by getting her wings back, but thanks to Fluttershy, we were finally able to capture our friend. The Rainbow struggled and kept thrashing and bucking, trying to throw one of our friends off as I carefully trotted up to her and cast my memory spell; just like the rest, her memories came rushing back, reminding Rainbow Dash of her loyalty as she regained her cyan coat and rainbow-colored mane and tail. The athletic Pegasus shook her head and took in her surroundings, before getting in our faces.

“How’s Ponyville; where are the Elements; did we stop Discord?” she asked all of us, and we all hugged her, happy to have our friend, as well as the final Element of Harmony back. I relayed to Rainbow all that happened, and after profuse apologies, we all marched back to Ponyville to confront Discord and finally put him back in stone. But, we stopped as we heard some kind of… noise.

“Do ya’ll hear that?” asked Applejack as she turned her ears in every direction, trying to pinpoint the noise.

“What in Equestria is that awful noise?” whined Rarity as what could only be described as a “scream” was heard and-WHAT IN THE NAME OF CELESTIA’S PLOT IS THAT?!

A… thing just flew past us, faster than even Rainbow Dash at her top speed; from what little I saw of it, it appeared silverish-grey with purple accents, with a giant cylinder spewing out purple-colored fire mounted on the top, with four smaller flames aligning the rear under said cylinder, while two giant wings arced from either side of the object. And it was heading straight for Ponyville.

We all started galloping, or flying in Rainbow’s case, towards the town, hoping that whatever that thing was, it would just ignore our home…

(Megatron’s POV)

I rocketed through into the village, weaving and ducking through the floating homes and shops, before I was in range of the God of Chaos, and even from here, I could see the frightened expression on his face as I opened fire on him. One thing I learned about my body: I didn’t fire regular energon like most transformers, but instead Dark Energon, just like in the show; and I also learned early on that Dark Energon, while it couldn’t physically affect Discord, wreaked havoc on his powers, meaning he couldn’t use them without some horrible backlash.

The first shot knocked him off the throne, while the other two I fired obliterated the seat; I transformed in mid-air before slamming my left fist into the ground, my right prepared to fire or unleash my sword, before I looked at the Draconequus, purple lightning arcing across parts of his body, while he looked fearfully at me.

“Hey, Megatron, buddy,” he said, looking at me with a nervous grin while I continued to glower at him, “funny thing, I was just on my way to free you, when-” his sentence was cut short as I put my foot on his neck.

“You will not speak to me as if nothing happened.” I growled, “You lied to me. You said that you KNEW how to get me back home, or at least out of this body, but you used me; corrupted my purpose, got me turned into a statue for three thousand years while you roamed free.”

“If it makes you feel any better, the sisters finally caught up to me about a few hundred years after.” said Discord, trying to get my foot off his windpipe, before I increased the amount of force on it.

“It doesn’t.” I lifted my foot off before grabbing his neck and throwing him into a house, “You go your whole life, never thinking about the consequences; you believe that you will never answer for your crimes, because a hero will either be defeated or even killed under your chaotic rule; I tried to be the hero, and all it did was get me imprisoned and hated. But I refuse to lower myself to your level by becoming the cliche diabolical villain, so this is what I decided on while I was in stone.” This time I grabbed his tail, dragging Discord along like a ragdoll, before slamming the god of chaos into the ground and aiming my cannon at him.

“I will become the monster that you and Celestia fear.”

Then there was a sound of thunder.

(Rainbow Dash POV)


Was that a ship?! Like, the kind that aliens like in the stories pilot to invade Equis and kidnap ponies to experiment on us?! We were racing through the town where we started to hear some noise coming from where Discord’s... throne... is…

All we found at the hill where the Spirit of Chaos placed his seat was a smoking crater and behind the hill was the most terrifying thing I have ever saw (not that I would ever tell anypony that). It was some kind of...creature, that was covered in metal, even the openings in its’ armor didn’t show any fur or flesh, not even scales! It had a ginormous cylinder-thingy attached to its’ right arm, it also had spikes on its shoulders, and is easily taller than Celestia. Under the creature’s foot, however, was what actually surprised me.

“Discord?” I heard Twilight whisper next to me, “but, how did that thing take him down? Only the Elements of Harmony can defeat him.” I was about to fly in there and ask that thing myself, before we were shushed by Fluttershy of all ponies, who seemed to notice that the creature was talking to Discord.

“What’s it sayin’?” asked Applejack.

“Not ‘it’,” Fluttershy responded, “‘he’; he’s male...”

“Wait, how do you know that thing is a dude?” I asked.

“Oh! Well, his voice obviously points to that of a stallion in range and pitch, and you can tell by the body structure and stance that he lacks birthing hips, and his shoulders are too broad to be anything else, like a Minot-” Before she could go any further, the ‘guy’ lifted his foot off Discord’s throat before grabbing him and throwing the Draconequus into a wall!! We started to notice the purple lightning that was going off across Discord’s body, which is probably how the creature beat him. Then the thing spoke loud enough for all of us to hear.

“... your whole life, never thinking about the consequences; you believe that you will never answer for your crimes, because a hero will either be defeated or even killed under your chaotic rule; I tried to be the hero, and all it did was get me imprisoned and hated. But I refuse to lower myself to your level by becoming the cliche diabolical villain...” his voice faded again, but grabbed Discord’s tail, proceeding to drag the chaos spirit out of the building and then slammed him into the ground, pointing the cylinder at hi-why is it glowing?

Before any of us could react, a sound that could only be described as thunder roared from the object as a purple beam was fired out of it, point-blank into Discord’s face.

We all heard the scream that came after...

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