• Published 30th May 2015
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Megatron... Saviour? - Dark_Knight

My very first time ever Cosplaying took a turn for the worst... THIS IS A DISPLACED STORY!!!!

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Waking Up (rewrite)

Author's Note:

So, grand Idea:
With my proofreader, we managed to fix a majority of the spelling and grammar errors, and even gave "Megatron" a whole different way of getting the DSS; but, I was wondering what YOU all thought about it, as well as give some of your opinions






These were all that I have felt for almost over three-thousand years as a statue in the gardens of Canterlot Castle; the only companions that I have ever known since being transported onto this rock by that damned sword. Oh, but dear old Celestia made sure that I was maintained, even if my appearance scared everypony, from foal to guard and everything in-between, including the few brave nobles like that Fancy Pants fellow.

I was frozen in a cowardly position, with my hands covering my face from when I futilely tried to block the effects of those colored rocks. And inscribed on the plaque that was put on my pedestal was just one word that every. Fucking. Creature that ever meet me, save for one, ever thought me as:



"This is going to be great!" said Peter as he was dressed in a full cosplay attire, choosing to cosplay as Professor Isaac Sundaac from Transformers Animated. Well at least he had the voice down pat...

I on the other hand decided to pick Megatron from Transformers Prime. All good people need evil to fight, right? Of course few of Peter's friends joined us dressed up as various people and 'bots from across the ages, including *shudders* the movies. We all got together at a field at a local park and had a duel. It was amazing, swords clashed, fake plasma guns were fired, a cosplayer dream all happening in front of me and everyone else. I was watching the fight by some bushes, but tripped on something as I stepped out of the way of an Ironhide from Fall of Cybertron. When I looked at the obstacle, my eyes widened.

"No way..." I said under my breath, but there it was: a perfect replica of my cosplay's greatest weapon: the Dark Star Saber, Slayer of Primes, forged from the blood of Unicron; sure it was plastic, but I was drawn to it, like a moth to a flame. Unfortunately for me, as soon as I touched the damn sword, I was blinded by a flash of bright light, and passed out.


Systems: Rebooting

I slowly opened my eyes, pain was throbbing through my brain.

"Ugh... what happened?", I thought aloud as I raised my left hand to my forehead. I saw five sharp claws- wait... WHAT!?

My eyes immediately widened as I brought my hand in front of my face, and sure enough, in place of a human hand is a Cybertronian one with five wicked sharp claws at the end. My gaze slowly followed the rest of my forearm and, like my hand, has been replaced with grey metal. I jumped to my feet and saw a pond just a few feet from me and ran over to look in it and my suspicions were confirmed.

Looking back at me, was the image of the arguably most evil villain that media has ever created. My face is now smooth metal that shines like silver, ending with a long chin, matching the now sinister helmet. My shoulder pads became jagged and sharp, and welded to my right forearm is Megatron's iconic Gamma Cannon.

But what threw me in for a loop was that my optics, instead of blood-red or purple from the Dark Energon that flows through my veins, are sky blue, like an Autobots', the Decepticon insignia on my chest is red instead of purple as well, and when I opened my mouth, instead of jagged, shark-like teeth are... I guess tooth-plates...?

For some reason, I became Megatron before he went nuts. Just as I got up on both of my legs, I saw something out of the corner of my eye: the Dark Star Saber. Like me, it had changed; what was once plastic and painted aluminum was now a sinister jagged blade made out of raw Dark Energon attached to a Cybertonium hilt, and had a purple aura coming off it. I walked over and picked it up off of the ground, the blade now feeling quite well-balanced in my left hand; I strapped the sword to my back as I took in my surroundings.

I was in a large forest of some kind, which confirmed that I was most likely not the size of the show's Megatron, as it was hardly likely that any of these trees were THAT big. I saw a pink and gold spire jutting above the tree-line.

Perhaps whoever lives there could tell me where I am... I thought as I started walking towards the structure, not knowing just what was waiting for me.


A large boom interrupted my trip down memory lane. I strained hear just what was going on, which is kinda hard to do when you're stone, but I'll get to that later. After a few minutes, there it was again, this time louder, and resembled a roar that I knew all too well from being in the body of one of the two most powerful beings on Cybertron: it was the sound of a creature that has power, and it belonged to only one pony, or should I say, Draconnequuis.

It was the bastard that got me trapped in stone by Princess Luna and Sunbutt!

I felt a fresh anger that I haven't felt in three millennia course through me; Discord was free, and that means that if I don't act now, then either he will come to finish me in this state or the sisters' will somehow defeat him again.

Never again...


"Uh, sir," said a Royal Guard with some uncertainty in his voice.

"Yes, what is it?" asked Shining Armor, Captain of the Canterlot Day Guard, as he was conversing with the Captain of the Night Guard, Silver Blade.

"Why does Princess Celestia want both branches of the Royal Guard watching this statue, when we should be fighting this chaos?" the soldier asked as he gestured to the absurd events happening around them, caused by the Mad God, Discord. The white unicorn simply pointed to the statute in question: a sort of golem with its' claws covering the face, with a plaque that read 'Monster'.

"The princess believes that whatever this statue is, it's just as alive as Discord, and we are to bring it down if it breaks free," Shining Armor said, before a rumble was felt, seeming to stretch from the statue to the core of the mountain they were on itself. Purple cracks started spreading across the body of the statue, and before either captain could issue an order a purple shockwave exploded from the sculpture, scattering stone and pony alike in all directions; an animalistic roar that chilled all the still-conscious soldiers was heard.


Discord could hardly believe it; he won! He was able to beat Celestia at her own game, by isolating the six wielders of the Elements of Harmony from each other, and making them the polar opposites of their true selves.

Honest Applejack can't tell a truth to save her life.

Kind Fluttershy now bullies any who fall under her gaze.

Loyal Rainbow Dash has abandoned her friends.

Laughing Pinkie Pie now frowns.

Generous Rarity guards a boulder like a dragon does its' own hoard.

And Magical Twilight Sparkle has lost her friends.

Everything was perfect, before a purple shockwave originating from Canterlot exploded forth, followed by a roar that he knew all too well, and even feared.