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Crossover of BioShock and My Little Pony.

Huge thanks to Dubstep_Teaparty and Sexy Pudgy Pinkie Pie for editing

Scootaloo is an orphan, she has been trying to hide it ever since she escaped the orphanage. After being bullied by Diamond Tiara again Scootaloo whishes she had a big dad to protect her. She is about to get more than she bargained for when the universe decides to bend over backwards for her.

Alpha 9-2 was having a fairly normal day in Rapture until his little sister discovered a strange syringe of Adam. It turns out that one must never inject themselves with a syringe of unstable Adam. No matter how rainbow colored and pretty they are. Now he has found himself in a strange new body in a strange new land and with a strange new little sister.

Holy shit featured 12/5/14 thanks so much!
Asdfghjkl this is getting featured every time I update!

Huge thanks to Shadow Bolt for providing the cover image.

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sounds cool. like and follow.

Curse you Ryan! Curse you Rapture! Curse you Comstock! Wait.... What did I just say?'

To good:rainbowlaugh:

I think it would be better if he kept his original big daddy form

5345150 true, but Robert and Rosalind didn't. Why should he be any different?https://derpibooru.org/606571

Make two versions? The reaction and events would be drastically different for either one and could be count as two different stories altogether.

Bog Daddy 

I'm not sure if this is a pun or a typo...

5345232 oops :twilightsheepish:
Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed.

5345243 Dammit! I was hoping it was a pun. :facehoof:
But anyway, thou art very much welcome; glad I could be of service.

How can he see his hove when he wars metal boots?
But nice, so far.

Yes longer pleas.
And is it a good idea to use one of the Alpha series? If i remember correctly they are programmed to serve one specific little sister. Without it they would die. This was to ensure that they wouldn't run of or go crazy.
But I' interested to see how you will solve the problem with the Amo and the fuel for the drill. Or is he leaving his suit?

5345580 You do remember correctly, and i am quite sure of my decision for him being Alpha series. While most of your other questions I can't answer due to spoilers I can explain why he is accepting Scootaloo as his little Sister even though he was already assigned one.
His mind is trying to create a new life for him in the new universe he inhabits. He will create memories that don't exist, and convince himself that the new memories have always been there and were always true. However this will lead to future problems as he tries to figure out why scoots isn't producing the pheromones he needs to live.

just a Q.Q. How big is he? and If i can make a suggestion on his size, MAKE HIM HUGE!!! i mean make him so he basically dwarfs Celestia by 2 or 3 feet. Why? The alpha series where tall MF's and i don't think anything was as tall as them and i feel this should be the same, BUT it is your story.

5346249 I don't think I'll make him that big, but he will deffinately dwarf Big Mac and be able to look at Celestia near her level. Afterall she is huge as well. And I'm glad you like it so far.

It's "splicer" not "slicer"

Not a bad intro chapter. A suggestion on progression, though. If you want, consider moving the part with the big daddy to the beginning, switching to Scootaloo when he vanishes, and then switching back to him as he's falling through the sky. Gives the reader a bit more of a curiosity pique as they first wonder where he went and how he'll appear in Equestria before his actual arrival.

5346478 I DID SOME MATH, AND RESEARCH AND SHIT!! a Alpha is about 6',11'' to 7' feet tall, 1 little sister is about 2',3'' tall, a filly is about 2' to 2',3''. two filly's equal roughly 1 twilight. and it takes one and two thirds Twilight's to make one Celestia. So one big daddy, human or, not pony but horse, would still be F%^$ing seven feet tall, from hoof to head. If you are doing exact scaling.

Got bored and did stuff, thought i should share this info :P.

5346664 Thanks for the info. I was actually looking for Big Daddy height's and couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks man. Damn. As game grumps would put it. "That's a huge b****!"

5346563 thanks for the correction and I think I might do your suggestion for the story progression thanks.

Yea Delta from BS2 was slightly bigger then most standing a 7'1''.

5346891 well did some math and Alpha/Delta to Big Mac is the same as Big Mac to Scoots. No wonder those guys cause the hallways to shake like a small earthquake with every step they must weigh literally a ton.

5345648 K, will this make problems in the Future for him?
Oh like in Infinite? So this means we will see the Twins here? XD
But the question with his X-ray vision still stands ;P.

5346949 yes it will make serious problems for him. And yes the twins will make a cameo after all they are cannon. Now as to why he knows he has hooves... Well firstly probably not my brightest writing moment I'm gonna have to fix that... Now the best explanation I got is that he first realizes he has no fingers and secondly his mind is accepting new memories from the equestrian universe. I'll re write that part soon.

5346946 yea from what i worked out scoots is as tall (on all four's) as a little sister. two feet give or take. Twilight is four foot. Big mac is a little under 5 foot. cadence is around 5 foot. Celestia is 6 foot. and a human big daddy is 7 foot. so even in pony (more like horse from the size) he is still 7 foot. At least an Alpha is. That is if you still scale him to size, on the size of the little sister or in this case scoots. So even in pony form he is still a big, heavy a$$ SOB.

Why is this thing getting so much love it is barely over 24 hours old, and I don't have a editor yet.
Well thank you all so much it means a lot to me to have so much support.

5347634 yay another chapter! Also I like the BD's personality, I amuses me. TREEEEEHHH!!!



"Are you my Daddy?"

[Insert gas mask here] Are youmy mummy?

5347634 No seriously, what... I have never received so much love for a single story. Who are all you awesome people, and why are you here!?! You guys are liking and favoriting my story almost faster then comments are being posted.

Nice Chapter.
He acts like a daddy, and he is a fast learner. He has no fingers to grip something but can instantly pull out a tree.
And Scoots reaction was great XD like she was testing a puppy XD an oversized, armed and overpowered puppy XD. Like ChiChi commands Goku and Gohan (yea we all wish to think Goku or Gohan are the strongest, but in true it is the wife that is the most powerful being in DBZ XD)
But is it only me or is his outer behave more big daddy like then the thoughts you show us? He acts more simple compared to the way you show us his thoughts.
Oh what will he do when he can't find an ADAM slug XD?
Slow down, you don't need to release an chapter every day, longer Chapters are better to read and most of the time they are easier to write. you could put more details in it. But this is just a suggestion from me ^^.

5348169 Evil but still hilarious XD. Would be great to see such a thing in the Show XD. Or in an FF XD

That is going to be awkward if/when he finds an Adam slug :rainbowlaugh::twilightoops:

Alpha vs Rainbow Dash! Who will win? Who will lose?

Tons of minor typos and general formatting errors.

You need to get an editor, if you can find one. There's supposedly entire groups dedicated to ones that need stories to work on, so I'm guessing editing is a form of addiction.

Who we are? We are readers XD.
Why we are here? This story is good ^^.
Is Alpha retarded XD? I mean, in rapture there was always a ceiling over him that he could see XD and now there is a Sun and a sky, so how can there be a leak in the wall XD? And don't get over the edge with his wight, he is walking over dirt, this should damper (is this the right word?) his steps a bit. When he is heavy enough to make tremors that an seismograph can pic them up he should not be able to stay in the tree house without him breaking it ^^.
I don't think he could find a ADAM slug in a lake, it is not deep enough, no salt water and there would be the wrong plants for it to eat.
Question, the plasmid, how can it shock him? the suit should protect him from it or not?

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