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I'm just a part time writer who enjoys a good story, and wants give those good stories his own patented equestrian twist

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News about a Future Absence · 6:55am January 1st

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm going to be going on a trip to South America for the next ten days, and won't be back till January 12th. During that time I will be completely off the net, writing-wise. So don't expect to hear anything major for me throughout the duration. I hope to post two new chapters before I leave to hold you guys over, but I make no promises at this time.

Have a great rest of your week guys, and I look forward to taking to you all soon.

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your avatar looks like Ethan Thomas from condemned criminal origins


Oh, I've been waiting to tell this story...

His name is Frank Castle, aka the Punisher from Marvel comics fame. This particular pic is from a panel in the comics, where the Punisher is enjoying a nice dinner of steak and potatoes at a local diner. The face he is making is in response to seeing his wife and son's dead bodies being defiled by some low-class gangster who thinks he's hot shit. He recorded the things he did to their bodies and streamed it over every channel in New York so everyone could see in order to draw Frank out. Yeah... this is his response face.

Who's the man in your avatar?

I've actually already read it. It's pretty good, I think you really captured the Storm King's personality. :ajsmug:

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