Six months after her defeat in her town, Starlight Glimmer comes to Ponyville seeking for revenge against the Mane 6; this time not only taking their Cutie Marks but destroying them as well.
Humiliated and defeated the girls simply disappear leaving the Kingdom at the mercy of its enemies for ten years… until the arrival of the Undead Knights. A group of seven unspeakable cruel monsters who protect Equestria at the costs of countless massacres, painting Equestria with the blood of its enemies.

Equestria’s ultimate protectors, the shadow of Harmony.


This story ignores Season 5 finale
And as all my other works this is a translation, the original can be seen here at FanFiction.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 16 )

Your story has my full attention now keep up the good work update more soon :twilightsmile:

Not bad! Maybe it's because I've been on a dark souls binge, but this caught my attention. Lets see you keep it! :pinkiehappy:
*likes and bookmarks*

That was good. Love stories with the protagonists that became cruel monsters.

Oh, battle against overpowered enemies. Classical!

Already at the end of the story? I could see such a potential for more in this...

Interesting. I should note that the grammer is a little off though. If you want people to read this more, it would probably help to make sure at least the front page is good. I mean just read it out to yourself; do the words 'Glimmer have won' sound right?

but why didnt they disappear the fact that they stopped her to prevented them from doing the ritual in the first place unless there was a new enemy after that that did a similar thing to them

:yay: I'm Very Happy With What You Write I Can't Wait To see What happens Next keep Up the Good work Update more Soon :twilightsmile:

It's like in Dragonball Z, where Trunks also wanted to prevent his timeline. But it didn't work that way.

Interesting concept, but poor execution. Reads like something someone with a 5th grade education would write. G1 villian or not, you first antagonist is... an army of penguins of all things? Really? Why not windings? If you're wanting the threat of cold? Then, the names the undead six choose for themselves.... those were pitiful at best. Offensive in how stupid they were at worst. Then the rest of the chapter reads like a giant cliche.

Tell me, why are you into such dark stuff about sweet little ponies?

when the next part of this trilogy???

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