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Pinkie Pie has mystified Discord for a long time. How is it that she can regularly break the laws of physics, be everywhere at once, and never run out of energy? In many ways, she reminds him of his own abilities. That gets him thinking about things, and a lightbulb goes off in his head.

This brainstorming gives Discord a rather interesting theory, one he's eager to find out if it's correct. If so, it would delight him to no end. Of course, he has to put his theory to the test, in the way only a draconequus can.

It might be a good idea to pray for Pinkie's safety right about now.

Edited with the help of Salnalus.

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very cute and well written!

Poor Discord. I've never stopped to think how lonely he must be as the only all-powerful living portmanteau in the world.

I never really thought of a reason why Pinkie could do all the things she can do, the answer was always *It's Pinkie Pie*
Wished she was one though

Love the story :pinkiehappy:

Now we need Pinkiecord!... Or Discopie?

This was cute. Good job.:twilightsmile:

Sponsored by Q Enterprises! I don’t know what the Q means, either.

:ajbemused:DON'T you? I have a really hard time believing that. I'm still not convinced that Discord isn't just Q's inter-dimensional cousin.

As the two went on their way, Discord’s letter would be received by Celestia soon. There was no written letter, only an enclosed picture. It was a picture of Discord posing as he hugged Fluttershy tightly. On the bottom, only two words were written: “Miss me yet?”

Just like the previous 5,794 letters of the same thing, a certain princess would toss it into the trash.

She wants him. :trollestia:

This was... really nice. I didn't realize I needed this today.

... I pair them now :|

“You’re Invited to an amazing--er--thingy, Pinkie Pie! Come to the valley west of town, and there will be the biggest cake you’ve ever seen! There’s frosting, too. Come immediately, I’ll be waiting! Signed, Anonymous.”

The cake is a lie!

However, when she arrived at the large, green valley, she was shocked to see nothing there to greet her, not one thing. No frosting, no cake, no punch to wash the cake down with. It was empty of cake.

I told you so...
*Keeps reading* Never mind.

7997202 Maybe he is Q himself, just in a different dimension using a different body, or perhaps Q reincarnated, or something similar...

On the bottom, only two words were written: “Miss me yet?”

Technically, that's three... but who cares? Awesome story!

If Discord would think for a minute, he would puzzle on how Pinkie could come to his house in his own dimension.

You should probably check out my story "A Draconequus' Past".

This. This story right here needs much more attention than this. I can't even describe just how... perfect it is. It's another one of those fanfics so well-written that it could be a canon episode itself. Bravo, sir.

Discord's dialogue in this story doesn't sound natural.

In Discord's world, 2 = 3. Don't ask.

Still think she's a draconequs, just nopony now's it not even dicord and the only one that does know is granny pie or some bar sh*t crazy stuff like that.

I liked this. the humor was easy to follow and I could even hear discord just pouring out his immortal heart to pinkie. very well done. have yourself a like and a fav for this one

So you might say that she wants the D?

Sponsored by Q Enterprises! I don’t know what the Q means, either.

Isn't Q from Star Trek or something? I KNOW there's some guy named 'Q' in some very popular show...a show that I've never actually watched. Might need to see Star Trek (and whatever that other show is, if it's not Stellar Voyage) one day...

It might kill her, but this was the best way to test his theory. After all, was there any other way to do this than forcing one of his friends to risk life and limb?

Hopefully you can pull off necromancy, Discord, because if Pinkie fails and dies, and you can't revive her, I expect a permanent case of 'being stoned' - Fluttershy would never forgive you, and neither would the other four. Princesses Celestia, Luna and Cadence would also be furious, especially since this is so soon after your betrayal.
I really hope you know necromancy...

7998002 There is, and he is one of my favorite characters too. Also the actor who plays Q (John De Lancie), is the voice of Discord in the show.

Yes, Q is from Star Trek (mostly The Next Generation, but he appeared also in Deep Space 9 and Voyager). And between his amazing powers, his pranking habits and being played by John DeLancie, the common joke is that Discord and Q are actually the same individual.

I really love this story!:twilightsmile: Would it be okay if I did a fanfic reading of it on my youtube channel? if no, that's okay.

Wouldn't surprise me if she were at least part-Draconequus.

Go ahead. I have no problems with this.

I guess I should also address this story hitting the top of the feature box and netting over 1,000 views....OH MY GOODNESS. I had a feeling it could get popular with a title like that(this might be why Pinkie Pie Discovers Coffee was a massive hit for me) but I didn't think TOP OF THE FEATURE BOX EITHER. It's so heartwarming to see such an overwhemingly positive reaction to it as well. Thank you all for the response, it means a lot that I came out of my FIMFiction hiatus and randomly wrote a story to stay sharp(seriously, that was the main reason why I wrote this story, to keep my writing skills working) and ended up with another hit to my name. :D

7997744 look up another story called 'Random'

7999255 do you know what the authors name Is?


I think...Yeah, it's Bugle

Haha! This was really cool and interesting! Great job!

This is a very good one-shot.

This is an excellent blending of humor and emotion.

Pinkie might not be his kind, but she may very well be descended from one.

Aaaww, that was so sweet! :pinkiehappy:

but what is pinkie :trixieshiftright:

loved it !!!1

Pinkie isn't a draconequus, Rather, Discord is a draconipink, the mixture giving him the body reminescent of the former and the unfathomable reality-bending power of the latter.

Comment posted by blackblood deleted Mar 7th, 2017

wooooo man!!! nice!!!!

Quite the concept, and congratulations for the feature. Excellent premise for a short story and you ended the whole thing quite well. One thing I will say though, is that the writing style is not my thing. It just felt a little... bland. Matter-of-fact, if you will, which when paired with the least sensical characters in the show is accentuated as an odd choice. Not that the style is intrinsically terrible at all, just that it really doesn't match the story in my eyes. Keep up the good work, o author mine!

.... Perhaps one of Pinkies Ancestors was a Draconequs?

8003278 Her parents who did the right thing?

my theire is all of discords freind lt mlp for star trek and became the Q's

There was no written letter, only an enclosed picture. It was a picture of Discord posing as he hugged Fluttershy tightly

Aww who wouldn't want to hug Fluttershy, she's so sweet! :yay:

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