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Soothing Stone

Booping, romance, silly stuff, drama, I write it all. Mostly just booping, though.


Fluffle Puff has been good friends with Chrysalis for a while. She lets her feed off her love for her, she likes drawing cute pictures of her, and its clear she REALLY likes her.

But they haven't dated much, if at all.

So when a Tumblr question puts her up for it, she sets out to make the most epic date ever.

Edited with the help of PieDisliker.

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D'aaawwwws running rampant. Excellent work...and the lasso part was awesome:rainbowlaugh:

Super cute!:heart:

I approve. This is great! Now I want to write stories about my questions for Fluffle Puff.

Element... of Taco?

All that love for Chrysalis to eat.:pinkiehappy::heart:



FLUFFLE PUFF!! INSTANT FAV!! :heart::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritystarry::scootangel:

That was adorable and a half.

Aww, this was so cute! Though now I want the Element of Taco.

Did someone just downvote almost every comment?

Oh yeah, that was really good. Kept to the spirit of the comic with extra d'awws thrown in. And Steven Magnet, completely forgot about him.

That was too cute. Can you do more Fluffle Puff stuff? I love the Fluffle Puff vids and blogs too.

Agreed. I think you should do more Fluffle Puff.

Chrysalis x Fluffle Puff OTP. :heart:

Should I be worried that while reading this I saw it as Fluffle puff animation inside my head? xD

Activate Pillow Cannon!

POMF! :pinkiegasp:
POMF! :rainbowderp:
POMF! :ajbemused:
POMF! :fluttershbad:

Dude, amazing stories you got!:pinkiehappy::heart:

I would say awwww, but... Well, I guess I just did lol. :derpyderp2:

Fluffle foamed at the mouth...

I am sure you know which part this is, but was the "foam" part intentional? I mean, I got a laugh out of it, but I also had a WTF moment too. I have heard of watering at the mouth, but foaming at the mouth is normally not such a good thing. It worked wonders on my funny bone, but still seemed kind of weird.

Nice piece here, though the "Soothing Stone" portions confuddled me a bit during the read, in after-thought, it could be a bit of a play on the name and the situation at hand, hoof, whatevs.

The joke with Soothing Stone was that I was acting like I, the author, asked Fluffle Puff a question through the Tumblr blog.

As for foaming, yeah it was intentional. Largely because she's foamed at the mouth a few times in the Tumblr blog, mostly when she can't have those awesome tacos.


Ah, so I see my issue was not understanding the whole Tumblr thing as well as I thought I did. I had seen the fluffy character before on youtube, but I am not well acquainted with Tumblr, which would explain why I did not understand the foaming at the mouth.

Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up.

This made my day, no, my week





Beautyful story. Here a is a video i found in honor to Fluffelpuff

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