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The sequel to Pinkie Pie Discovers Coffee, a series of oneshots show what other horrors will be unleashed on Ponyville as several different ponies try out the Cake's brand new Starbits coffee lineup.

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Giving this a pre-emptive thumbs up.

Pinkie took it in stride, while Twilight went berserk.

Will the coffee bestow the miracle of speech upon Big Mac!? LET'S FIND OUT.


I hope it's as good. The humor is a lot different in this chapter than in Pinkie Pie Discovers Coffee, so I hope it's funny too.

A sequel? Yes please! Celestia forbid Rainbow Dash should drink coffee...


I love this. I can't wait to read more.

Edit: Dang it, I can't wait to see what more you have planned you mad genius. TO THE TARDIS!!!


And like most attempts, you didn't get first. I admit, getting first is amazing.

And don't worry, Rainbow Dash is on the list.:trixieshiftleft:

You didn't disappoint, so no worries. You even fed my headcanon that Fluttershy's strength is proportionate to her willpower.

Mr. Cake's head flew off...that must have been quite the shock! :twilightoops:

I lol'd, you get a thumbs up from me.

Other than a few spelling mistakes, IT WAS BRILLIANT!

What's Fluttershy doing with Big Ma-SWEET CELESTIA!!!! *slams the 4th wall shut* Fluttershy...does not live up to her namesake in bed.

930037 Yeah, if RD got some coffee we would be screw-oh fuck I just thought of something horrafyingly evil and I'm kinda scared that I even thought of this.

What if Discord got some coffee? If he does, then nothing will be safe.


Because I got it right last time, I say that this will make the featured box at some point.

930037 be warned that first post will get you banned :twilightoops:

Actually, save her for the end and make her go insane and transform into FLUTTERRAGE. :flutterrage:

Ohhhhh God, here we go. There's about 10 distinct ponies that you can give coffee, excluding Twilight and Mac...let's see what you come up with, Mr. Author. Liked, obviously, and I'll keep my eye on this story.

I wonder if it's the coffee making all of the Ponies weird, or that one particular machine.

This was an amusing read. :twilightblush:

Hyper sonic rainbow dash!
Make it happen!

I want a Derpy. Extra Derp on the side. :derpytongue2:

that or she'll be suuuuuper excited and chatty :yay:+:pinkiehappy:

Even better: It does absolutely nothing at all. With everypony trying to keep her from drinking and panicking while she does drink.

that kinda already happened with pinkie :derpytongue2:

Yeah, but they expected her to become more Pinkie...-ish.
Now they've seen both Twilight and Big Mac, the second and third most shy ponies in town, go more-or-less batshit.

:raritydespair:Of all the stories I've read, this was.The.Best.One!!!:raritywink:
Just noticed: Mr. Cake was so shocked his head flew off :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

Fine chapter, but you made some little editorial mistakes, like "Expect" instead of "Except". If it won't bother you, please, take a look at the text once more and correct those little bugs.

Anyway, after reading the Pinkie Pie chapter, I expected a little more mayhem. Derpy Hooves chapter would be the pony I'd like to read a chapter about. :derpytongue2:

Oh God, first Twilight and now all of Ponyville...?


But is this going to be just exclusive to Ponyville residents, or will there be ponies from outside of Ponyville that will fall victim to the addicting coffee? (Examples: Celestia, Luna, Braeburn, Soarin, Shining Armor, etc...)

Five out of Five Chickens!

Several words being used in place of the words that should be used, here.

The Cakes are secretly trolls!:pinkiegasp:


It took a while, but yes it did.

What the heck is in that coffee and how can I get a bag of it?:pinkiehappy:



Wow. So that's where muffins come from! :derpyderp2:

What in the name of all things hilarious... :rainbowlaugh:

On hiatus already? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This is funny! I want to see more!

Mwuh hahahahahahah! Rainbow Dash is gonna be scary, as is Rarity.

All my this. Tracking.

How did Big Mac pinch himself?

FlutterMac? I can see that... :yay::eeyup:

Not as funny as the other two chapters, but I think you gave me diabetes. Still more than worth the read.

...Oh. My. Celestia. That. Is. Brilliant. I applaud you good sir. *claps*

968420 Or RD'll have a reverse reaction and start moving reeeeeaaaaalllly slowly. That might be a possibility, considering the bizarre effects so far.

In a good way, of course! Because Derpy. :derpytongue2:

Also, your description of Twi in Sugarcube Corner drugged up on caffeine? :twilightoops: What if she slips up and eats a cupcake? Coffee plus sugar? RUN! :pinkiegasp:

I can't wait to see what happens to Rainbow when she drinks some! :rainbowlaugh:


I'm seriously sorry. I really like this story a lot, I love the writing, the story before this too but...

The fluttermac part turned me off completely. I am not sure why but I despise the Fluttermac shipping... I really wish I could love this story but now I have an uneasy feeling in my stomach, but for your sake and for the rest of the story, I'm gonna give it a thumbs-up because I like the story... but I guess it's only 1 chapter so I'll just watch it every once in a while...

good luck with your story though!

P.S. Fluttershy is best pony :pinkiehappy:


When I approached this, I started with the idea that Big Mac had something to hide. That was what I chose, and it's only for this chapter.

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