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Dragons aren't usually known to be kind and loving towards ponies. In fact, they're usually brutes who want to destroy any pony they come across.

But then there's another kind of dragon altogether.

And when Fluttershy finds herself in a life and death situation, she might see the other side to a dragon.

Cover image by CrazyRabidPony.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 18 )

Well done

Good story. Would like to see the reactions when Fluttershy introduces her new friend to her old ones.

I really think that you should write another story where Heartfire meets Spike. If you stay with the hybrid form it would give Spike and Rarity something to think about, in any case it would give spike a dragon friend who is not like the only examples he has to date.

Another thing if you like dragons you might like Anne McCafferey's series “The Dragon Riders of Pern” they are not the hording type they are bioengineeried but dragons never the less.

3460580 after a natural lizard to fight certain forces

*begins clapping* Well done :ajsmug:

I agree, vehemently.


The picture and the tags really were appealing, and the story sure didn't disappoint me. It just went and ended the way it should have.

Good writing sir, not a favorite but definitely a really decent one :moustache:
And I fully agree with the way you portrayed dragons :rainbowwild:

Great job on this one, Stone. I agree with the others, I'd love to see this friendship explored more.

This was cool.

Very well done. Six thumbs up from me. :pinkiehappy:

Also, in reference to Bronzedrafon's comment, yes, the "Dragon Riders of Pern" series is worth a read.

I very much enjoyed this oneshot. It was sweet and charming. And I like your portrayal of this particular dragon.

this is really good man. Keep it up! :moustache:

This was utterly fantastic. Has a sad undertone but altogether really good. Like most of the comments, this needs a sequel. I enjoyed reading about it and glad that it ended happily for Fluttershy.

Liked and Favorited :heart:

Such a sweet story. One of the beste Oneshot I ever read.

Comment posted by Paton Pendeng deleted Nov 12th, 2013

Please, Mr. author, make a sequel!!!! It is just too much, i simply loved this! :fluttershysad:

Totally awesome this has great potential i hope.u can make moar

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