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Intelligence is a weapon, not a virtue


Two thousand bits.

That's the prize for the pony who best pranks Princess Celestia on her upcoming visit.

A lot of ponies want that money.

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Comment posted by Ludicrous Lycan deleted Aug 21st, 2014

One: ouch on the downvote

Two: is the description complete? It looks like it's missing some words...

Edit: Some words appear to be missing now and then throughout the chapter, but aside from that, it was the same good old silly nonsense I've come to expect and love from your stories, Numbers.

4882960 I was just about to post the same thing. Yeah, it looks like the description got cut off there when you submitted the story, Numbers. :rainbowhuh:

:It looked really bad."

Change that : to a "

"O-oh. I see." Mrs Cake said, studying the apprehensively.

I've never seen an 'Apprehensively', is it like a snipe? :raritystarry:

Oh, this made me smile! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for writing! :eeyup:

And thus, no one suspected that Angel Bunny was truly the one whom tripped up Big Mac! CARROTS FOR ALL THE BUNNIES! Man I need to sleep...

Yes I know that the story is unedited however someone might have a bone to pick with you over this one (humerous) [humorous]

That ending…

Very silly and fun as always, though why did i get to help pre-read it?:derpytongue2:

Easy come. Easy go, Mac.

Good job on this, bud!

LOL! Love it. :rainbowlaugh:

Discord had the best plan of all and he blew it, hell they all blew it. Hilarious.

That fucking sucks. Maybe instead of repairing Twilight's kitchen, Big Mac can just fuck her senseless. Sex solves everything.

There's something strange in the neigh

Very fun little story, Mr. Numbers. I quite enjoyed it! :pinkiesmile:

Very enjoyable read! Sure, there's a few grammar/punctuation/word-use errors but there's nothing directly that killed my enjoyment of it. The characters were really, really well done - Pinkie Pie felt like Pinkie Pie, RD felt like RD. Even Discord and the CMC felt natural.

A bit of spit and polish and it'd be pretty gosh darn perfect. As-is, it's pretty gosh darn great.

I'm very impressed with Pinkie's responsibility. It makes sense that she'd be more sensible about this than Dash. Dash's job and awesomeness aren't as easily separated as Pinkie's, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if the party pony had a surprisingly sharp sense of financial acumen.

Ah'm thinkin' 'trebuchet'

Apple Bloom, you're always thinking trebuchet. I'm amazed you haven't gotten a cutie mark in siege engineering.

Big Mac demonstrates that he represents about sixty percent of Ponyville's common sense, and a negligible amount of its good luck. :eeyup:

And Discord was perfect.

A most enjoyable read. Thank you for it. :trollestia:

:eeyup: "2000 bits, all gone. Thank you Apple Bloom."
:applecry: "Ah'm sorry big brother..."

Poor Mac. :eeyup:

Except, you know, non-bedroom problems.

"I'm sure it's perfectly safe." Scootaloo reassured her, "I mean, I'm wearing a helmet, that's safe."

I mean, it's called safety gear right? :facehoof:

This was great! :rainbowlaugh: This is the first fan fic where everyone was perfectly in character! Good Job!:twilightsmile:

"You launched a giant ball of explosives at my castle. Did you mean to declare war on me, or was that just a happy accident, young lady?"


What flavour pie is it?

:pinkiecrazy:: PIE FLAVOR!

And they all get arrested for breaking the Provision Prohibiting Princess Pranking Profiteering. :trollestia:


Yea I think their fight and making up was well done. Felt very like those two.

oh man...Discord.....:rainbowlaugh:

Always wonderful to find a notification that you have posted a new story.

A delightful little ditty that made me smile and for that I thank you.

Three small fillies removed 'subtle' from their dictionaries.

Best line in the whole story. :rainbowlaugh:

"You blew up my kitchen." Twilight emphasized.

CMC: "We just don't know what went wrong!"

Derpy: "Hey, that's my line!"

You know Big Mac, you don't have to cover Applebloom's irresponsibility. Especially since the CMC must have some good money around to pay for the building materials. :rainbowlaugh:

Though really, Rainbow and Pinkie have a better claim to the money than Mac does. :derpytongue2:

"We're ready to fire, right?" Scootaloo asked, somewhat excited, somewhat nervous.
"This won't hurt nopony, right?" Applebloom asked cautiously.
"I'm sure it's perfectly safe." Scootaloo reassured her, "I mean, I'm wearing a helmet, that's safe."

This would be the point where I could no longer hold in the laughter in spite of reading this in public.

Hilarious, just hilarious.


4885507 Cake flavor.


4883054 Yeah, I have a yard cleanup job tomorrow. I really should get to bed as well, but I can't stop reading fanfiction XD

"Oh, Princess, you wound me so. Can't two old friends simply be catching up without it being the start of an elaborate, convoluted prank?"

This the best part.

It's a pretty solid story. The only thing i'm wondering is what exactly Rainbow did to her pie.


A wise man once said that if catapults can't solve your problem, you simply aren't using enough of them.

(The same principle applies to violence and fire.)

Comment posted by Doctor Elite deleted Aug 22nd, 2014
Comment posted by Doctor Elite deleted Aug 22nd, 2014

The only problem that still remains is that Rainbow Dash hasn't been smacked in the face.

Or taken to jail.

Twilight closed the door behind her, and looked at the large sack of bits with a satisfied smile.
Twilight started, then grinned sheepishly at her not at all amused assistant. "Oh, hello Spike. I didn't see you there."
Spike looked at Twilight, then the bag, then back to Twilight. "You know the insurance payout will cover the damage just fine right? Our premiums won't even go up, since it was the Crusaders and all. You didn't have to swindle Big Mac."
Twilight huffed. "It's the principle of it. Those three need more discipline."
Spike simply stared harder. "I don't see you making any demands on Rarity, or Scootaloo's family."
"And moreover, what with all the new crystal craftsponies from the Crystal Empire, this kind of work has become much cheaper. That hole wouldn't cost more than 800 bits, tops."
"Well, you see -"
"And lastly, I saw the latest edition of 'Scholar's Illustrated". You know, the one with the brand new Minor Thaumetric Collider. How much did it cost again? About, 1800 bits, I believe?"
". . .I will buy you all the ice cream you want for a month if you don't say anything."
Spike grinned. "Two months, and they'd better have at least topaz sprinkles."

Twilight grimaced, but all things considered, this was not nearly as unreasonable as it could have been. "Deal."


Gave your alt-extended ending an upvote, and a Mustache. :moustache:

Placebo cyanide! :rainbowlaugh:

As has been mentioned, this one could use some line editing, but it's full of your usual wit. Always a pleasure to read more MrN.

I could see a series here, like a group of offered short stories. :trollestia::moustache:

It was good. I wish that Discord, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie had shown as much creativity in their pranks as the CMC did in theirs, but they were good ideas, and the story twisted enough that I didn't anticipate too much. The real flaw in this story is that it didn't play the Mission Impossible theme, but this is a prose work, so I won't dock points for that. All in all, upvoted.

I guess spikes plan just *puts sunglasses on* blew up in his face:trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

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