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  • EThree Nights
    Beneath a moonless sky, a foal shivers, hungry and alone. In a snow-covered city, a young mare dreams of the things she left behind. On the coldest night of the year, Princess Cadance finds the family she thought that she had lost.
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A Very Scribbler Christmas · 7:23pm Dec 6th, 2019

Hello pony fans amiable and admirable! I mentioned a couple months ago that a thing is happening this Christmas, and... well... the happening has started.

The ever-alluring Scribbler has just dropped the first installment (Part 1 of 4) of the production of Three Nights she's been putting together for the last few months. It looks like it just dropped in the last hour or so, and I stumbled my way into it early. I haven't even listened to it myself yet—I'll be doing that a little later on today. But I wanted to make sure than any fans of the original written piece know about this and where to go to grab it.

Pre-Merry-Christmas, y'all, and may the fires of friendship warm your hearth and heart this year!

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Author Interviewer

Ahh, a good choice. :D

Amazing! I remember this story in the most fondest of ways. It helped me greatly in 2014 when I had to deal with holiday loneliness. Reading about Cadance worrying about having to spend Hearth's Warming Eve without friends and family eased the lonely feeling a lot.
This is perfect for the holidays, I can't wait to dive into this reading!

Awesome! :D It's good to see this one enduring.

Thanks for letting me know that! I'd written the story with that in mind—as, hopefully, a way to help with that sort of loneliness. The fact that it did help for someone is the best praise I could possibly get for the thing.

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