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Comment posted by Midnight Diamond deleted Jun 28th, 2014

Hello everybody,
I just added Spike the Knight.
It is an action adventure story with Spike as the main character.
Hope you enjoy.

Hi everyone and everything out there. I am not much with stories but if anyone needs an OC or more then 1 just look over my blog. Just let me know which characters you want to use and what story they are in and I will keep an eye on it to see how you use em. The only rule is not to kill em off too quickly (Because some are going to be in a game I am making and I need to see how people can develop him or her somewhat). I may drop some advice here and there as acting muse every once and awhile.

Hello everypony nice to be here.Would anybody want to help me with my fanfiction?

285888 Don't worry about it. Mst of m reader gaveme heir Emails incase this happened. Once Im banned All I did was send my readers the link to this page via e-mail. They would take screenshots of it and send it to the mods. I was also lucky enough to find Wanderer D's chat address and I chated with him live for a good hour before he went to talk to Xavier.

285886 :twilightangry2: Son of a- :flutterrage: sorry *NAME CENSORED FOR SECURITY REASONS* but this is a war we can't win. I wish I could help you but I can't risk myself to being banned.

285882 This is a link to dashers page :rainbowhuh:

285881 My old account was banned because of Xavier. But the mods let me back in once I sent them proof of my inocence. Well actually they let me make a new account, but I have a link to the comments that let me back in. (Prepare for laughs or prepare foe shock because once you click on this link you would see Xavier for what he really is) Confessions

285879 It's sad but I don't blame him, these guys are asking high quality fics with perfect grammar and it has to be a shipping that most of the site likes, all of that they ask that from a novice makes me mad really. :twilightangry2:

285210>>285205>>285245>>285272>>285343>>285553>>285191 Some sad news... My brother said he won't be coming back to the site I will now quote his e-mail message to me "I am done with fimfiction bro. There are to many users that act like they have a stick up their butt."

Also in case you were wondering who I am. Just visit my old userpage. SelonianHume/ChanglingsShadow/LightShadow.

285553 Great. Why not check out the threads. Also you can add more if you want.

285321>>285325>>285333 You went there.:unsuresweetie:

I'm glad I'm here. A little home on the site.


:flutterrage: IT'S OVER 9000

285325 :ajbemused: I was trying to avoid that joke but whatever.

285321 You could say that Otenko said it 'OVER 9000' times XD

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