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First of the Savage Skies series.
After running afoul of timberwolves in the Everfree Forest, Fluttershy is saved by a mysterious young colt with a most unusual and disturbing feature. Realizing that he is alone, without anyone else to care for him, Fluttershy realizes that she must try to bring this lonely foal out of the forest and give him a life of love and friendship. The problem is that this colt's...unique qualities have made him more than a few enemies, including some who are closer to home than Fluttershy realizes.

Now with a sequel: The Promise of a New Day.
Now with a TV Tropes page.

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This story's looking awesome! I foresee Flash getting his man parts handed to him by the scary little colt XD

This story has me quite intrigued, I am looking forward to more.


Please update this soon. I can't wait to see Dawn Lightning beat the crap out of this asshole. In fact I'm hoping that he beats Flash Spark so badly that he won't be able to fly ever again.

KILL HIM!!!!! KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!

Queue ass-kicking in 3... 2... 1

No. Geld the little pos and take his wings.:pinkiecrazy:


Screw that noise, melt his wings to his chest.

Interesting to say the least. I'm getting a Nyx of Past Sins vibe from Dawn, but this story seems to be differenet enough. :twilightsmile:
And Flash trying to hit on Fluttershy?! :rainbowderp::twilightangry2: *primes shotgun* Let's hope for his sake he's a fast flier.

*reads parts involving Flash being a dick* :ajbemused:
*Grabs shotgun* :trixieshiftleft: That's not big enough.
*Puts shotgun down, grabs BFG 9000* That's better. Better start flying Flash. :pinkiecrazy:

2862572 I have to admit I was a little tiny bit inspired by Past Sins in a way (if you couldn't tell by the fact that I occasionally get hung up on calling Dawn's eye-color turquoise). I'll probably get riffed mercilessly on that somewhere down the line. :facehoof:

Kill the neon green fuck.

In all reality Dawn is gunna come in and save Fluttershy.

I sense shipping...

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Honestly I hope it is Rainbow Dash that catches up with him first.

Looks like someone is a master in Krav Pega....

I think that the punishment Flash Spark suffered fit perfectly. With how proud he was of his flying skills. Having his wings permanently clipped defiantly feels appropriate.

The young pegasus can fight.
Fluttershy can use the stare to scare anything she wants.
Best combo team ever.

Does Fluttershy use the stare on something that the little pegasus can't beat in the future.

I would find that cool.

Though I highly doubt that will happen.

Interesting, will keep reading. I hope this colt is actually a colt. It always throws me off when a fic refers to a stallion as a colt.

2862572 it's hard to outrun/fly birdshot:pinkiecrazy:

Uh oh. For some reason it feels like your going to have Scootaloo belong to some abusive parents, while I'm fine with it story wise, it always makes me sad to read about it in a story.

Hm. Interesting. I will follow this closely, good sir. :moustache:

Here have a song that goes with a SFM

2866730 Lol!:ajsmug:
2866886 Hopefully :rainbowdetermined2:
2868401 Well this means Scoots is gonna get a new mom and dad so i guess that mom will be FLUTTERS! :pinkiegasp:

This story is really interesting. It's almost like reading about Nyx (black alicorn filly, adoptive daughter of Twilight, from Pen Stroke's story Past Sins) but as colt and pegasus. Also it seems to me that there is something more about this Dawn Lighting (name's a little weird but overall it's alright) than you can see at first and I can't wait to read about him revealing his secrets in the story.

I really enjoy this story and can't wait for the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

Can't wait to learn where Dawn learned his "style". We really need to let more people know about this story.

Another good chapter so far, but I think you need make use of transitions when you shift from one scene to another. It feels abrupt without them.

Man, this is getting interesting. I personally can't wait until Scoot's finally snaps at her father and tells him that she doesn't want to leave Ponyville.

And the way Dawn is teaching her, I have no doubt that this filly will soon soar through the sky.

Keep going!:pinkiehappy:

Scootaloo's dad is an ass, nuff said.:trixieshiftright:

If I was Melon Cream I would tell Cirrus to sleep on the couch, but move it outside beforehand and be like "You gon sleep outside BITCH!"

Careful dad, you're flying too close to the sun... Great chapter, I'm loving the explanation for Dawn's fighting style and how you are keeping the relationships with characters realistic. Despite Equestria being 'a place of love and tolerance' there is a lot of grey area which can show a darker side. Flash spark just wanted a girl; now while that may be seen as a good thing, the way he went about it could be considered evil. And Scootaloo's father, while wanting the best for his daughter, is putting too much pressure on her and is coming off as an ass. Then there's the undertone of ponies fearing what they do not understand. While a surprisingly understandable response, they seem to take it to the extreme, shunning and out crying at whatever is different for them. Honestly, they can kind of come across a bit racist, just replace Equestria with Columbia and ponies with humans and BAM, Bioshock Infinite (without all the mind fucks and death... or revolution, or blatant racism... on second thought, maybe there's a better example for Equestria than the city of flying racism). Great story thus far, keep goin and stay golden^^

scoots got a crush! scoots got a crush!

Man, Scootaloo's dad is such a dick. I can't wait to see what happens when Dawn witnesses him treating Scoots like that.

Good Chapter, but Scoots Dad is a Asshole! Somepony, slap that Prick of a Father!:flutterrage:

yikes, scoot's dad is exactly like my dad. it's how i get treated everyday and often leads to us having fist fights now that i'm 23. *sighs* he's upset i don't do anything but i'm an artist and i really want to get a job but i can't drive. theres no way for me to get one. i'm also in an art school but he thinks it's pointless and just uses me as a free maid. going as far as to call me useless and a maid because i'm still at home.

this is a great story, you've got my gold star and a thumbs up!
it does, however, seem like you're slightly overpowering pegasi. i can understand how an athlete pegasus 'might' be able to beat an nonathletic earth pony, but i just cant seem to believe that a colt, no matter how well trained, could beat a full grown adult. the fact that the adult was inebriated pulled the stretch slightly closer, but i don't think pegasi could have the power to move faster than light and look to be in two places at once.
my constructive criticism: i know the focus of the story is an incredibly powerful child from the forest, but it wouldnt hurt to slightly even out the battlefield, ie: make the earth ponies stronger against physical blows, maybe slightly nerf the pegasi, and keep them within the laws of physics (as far as physics goes in a world of ponies, magic, and pinkie pie). :rainbowdetermined2:

but it's your story, and i will be following it to its end either way.

2886440 bones'l snap with enough directed force, and that lil dawn is bringin some serious force! you ever see one of those old cheesy kungfu flicks were they disable an opponent with nothin but jabs? the circus girl from avatar is a good example :rainbowlaugh: anyways, point being: precision strikes = big ouchies!

A TF2 reference, I don't know what it means though.

2886440 We'll be getting to that shortly. Dawn's case is...unique in that he possesses a skillset that is very rare among pegasi. As was pointed out in a previous chapter, the fact that he uses wings in unarmed combat is something that flies in the face of how most pegasi are taught to fight. There are a lot of factors in play, but that will come back later.

Now Melon is a mare much like my own wife. Knows just when to step in and do it decisively. You done great with her character.


that's true, but in real life its *very* specific force, and would require a certain leverage, if without brute force.

disabling with jabs, however is a different matter altogether, and more relies on nerve clusters (arm pits, inner legs, neck) and specific points on the body, such as the diaphragm (which if hit correctly could lay someone down, gasping for air with very little force.) which would be plausible for this story, but would not break bones.

2890470 hmm that raises the question: with hooves are they able to 'jab' or are they just throwing punches around every time? perhaps the bones are weaker in equestria from lower g's (more then a few fics use that for supa-human strength} or hooves are shoed so its like they wear knuckle busters all the time. that'd explain the awesome beatdown he gave to that foo :rainbowlaugh:

I'm liking this!
Also, serves Flash right becoming unable to fly for what he was trying with Fluttershy. He could still be a problem though but at least he can't chase her if she takes to the air.
Very interested to learn about Dawn's past. It'll be interesting if he ever meets Luna.

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