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This story is a sequel to Cold Days and Warm Hearts

The winter passes into spring, bringing with it many changes, both for good and for ill. Dawn Lightwing must contend with the pending disaster as a powerful adversary approaches with designs to end his life. Rainbow Dash finally leaves to join the Wonderbolts, but finds her dreams jeopardized by somepony from the past. Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle and those close to her are drawn further into the machinations of the Noble Court.

Oh...and somepony is planning to destroy the world...probably...maybe...let me get back to you on that...

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That is all.

Oh Yeah. Another story to add to my growing number of Read when I have time list. Looking forward to reading, as well. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, yes. Thank you VERY much. I'm going to rejoice inside, with bagpipes, and Scottish dancers celebrating in my mind. Oh, and a drunken Russian for some reason....

So, is this the final story or just like the 2nd-3rd last?

Can't wait for the rest to be put up

And did I say It?

Oh I can't wait till those cult fools get their ass kicked. It's going to be amazing.

A very fine birthday present! Thank you!

Hmmm to read or not to read? that is the question...
I feel like I should let chapters stack first or read it when it's complete...

Glad to see you back in action~!

5769744 I'd wait for the next chapter. Not many super interesting things happen in this chapter. Just some build up.

5769744 Also, don't forget how fast the chapters usually get uploaded.

"Morning Star's wings dissolved into a mass of swirling feathers that enveloped the unicorn in a whirling cyclone that dispersed the snow around him. A second later, the feathers scattered, leaving no trace of the unicorn that had been standing amidst them."
why am I reminded of Alexander Anderson from Hellsing?

I just got it hit in the face by a huge brick of exposition. Looks like there is a rope attached to it though... where will it lead me?
Only one way to find out! Awesome, wait for me!

I don't think I will ever understand what people like about eggs. :pinkiesick:

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Ive been waiting for this! I love this series and finding it is what made me make an account on here to keep track of it. Anyway this was a good start. Also.. If i remember right, aint Granny Smith a master of the Mountain Root also? OH I hope Her and Terra Heart go at it! KICK HIS ASS GRANNY!

Oh it's so good to be reading Savage Skies again. This has to be my all time favourite story on the site, don't get me wrong FIM has a lot of great stuff but this is in a league all its own.

:twilightsheepish: I love it already and I haven't begun reading yet!

5770301 SECONDED!! I'll bring the popcorn, and the betting board to see who's got the fastest time for Terra's but-kicking.

5770427 Hmm didnt think of the betting board. But popcorn is always welcomed when going to see epic struggles where lives hang in the balance.

Dang first say and its already featured. Nice


I've been waiting for this story! :rainbowkiss:

Terra is the Dragon Warrior.

The next installment of Dawn's journey is here! Huzzah!:yay:

well at least Terra is taking it serious but the poor guy is nothing but a pawn. Stupid fanatic and a hypocrite. How can they worship Celestia if they go against her very wishes? Then again the leadership of this cult has been about one thing from the near begining. POWER. the leaders care more about power then what makes sense.


Better..... Can't wait to read this... but I gots to do works.

I am really sad about what this says about religion in general.

Religious zealots are a big NONO!

“Tentpole of the Sky,”

I'm going to be immature and point out the innuendo there.

Just because I love pulling the rug out from religious zealots!

He'd spent weeks in this spot, endlessly honing that power, building upon it, preparing himself for his expected battle. It was a sign of just how seriously Terra had taken Morning's directive.


Dawn nodded. "The more familiar you become with the technique, the more compact and easier your movements will become. Start out large and work your way small."

Funny. They tell me to start small and work up to big.

I still think Cult Solar is stuckup jackasses.

“If Jesus came back and saw what was being done in his name, he'd never stop throwing up.”
― Woody Allen, Hannah and Her Sisters

I feel so sorry for Celestia right now.

Moguera, have my freak-seed.

wooot! new installment!!
*sticks on read it later list*

I just finished the chapter and I'm already having withdrawals. I need more neigh I CRAVE MOAR!

Been lookin' forward to this! Glad to see you've completed this installment.

1: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE It's here!

2: The title, the cover art, the first half of the chapter. I'm genuinely terrified. As in "hoping all the main characters come out of this one alive" terrified.

you know, I think you started this sequel off right. You made sure to re-introduce the characters from our break away from them, refreshed the image of their description, and both setup the story, and covered what was happening at that point, while still having a bit of decent character interaction throughout.

good work authorperson, you did well.

Welcome back, moguera! This story has been missed. :)

Could use some spacing, I'm finding it hard to read through.

which includes taking care of what you put inside of it."

Soarin, you're up!

Heh, talk about warming welcome backs. Eh Moguera? :ajsmug: :twilightsmile: :pinkiesmile: :yay: :moustache:

So glad to see this series continuing. I've been looking forward to it :)

it's back! this series that I love is finally continued! Thank you. thank you for such an amazing series.

"When done correctly, the air that you move out of your way ahead of you fills the space behind you so that the vacuum doesn't pull you back. That's why it's important that you keep the arc of your wingstrokes tight."

Oh, that's clever. I love when crazy pony physics actually makes sense.

...and Dash is a way better cook than me. That's probably really sad :raritydespair:

Shit. Terra Heart sounds scary as fuck.

5773480 Yeah, but since this series is My Little Anime: Fighting With Magic, and since in an anime the super destructive yet super straight forward power usually has a glaring weakness, I think we'll be fine.

why Celestia had taken Twilight one from the

why Celestia had taken Twilight on from the

would bear equally, even not even more powerful foals.

would bear equally, if not more powerful foals.

thought Elderflower, If I can convince

The 'I' is outside of the italics tag.

So that's your play, Elderflower. But here's the thing you dumb f**k, being born with the right 'blood' doesn't make you 'noble'. In fact, those that consider themselves to be nobles because of their birth are asshole. Ergo, you, Elderflower, are an asshole. And I would dearly love to see you take Twilight by force. Not only will Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and Shining Armour be baying for your blood, you will have to deal with Arkenstone hunting you down. And he won't stop until you are dust in the ground.

So, here's what you should do. F**k off back to Canterlot and stop your stupid games.

When you read a series of actual books (Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files being my go-to example, as always), you'll note that, with each book, the author doesn't simply start off expecting you to automatically know who the characters are,

Actually, I find that to be the least common thing, and I've read a lot of books.

The biggest flaw with Elderflower's argument is most of the nobles will still play their games to try and get more power even if they are in a position of power.

Also I agree 'Accidents Happen' was quite good.

another chapter already? AMAZING! this was a good lead up to the plot


But now that it has arrived, I am calm, I am cool, I am content, in control, and most satisfied. Procceed.

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