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This story is a sequel to The Breaking of the Storm

In the wake of Terra Heart's attack on Ponyville, Princess Celestia leads the Royal Guard against the Cult Solar in an effort to eliminate them once and for all. But, while the cat's away, the mice will play. The Noble Court puts their own plan into action, threatening to throw Canterlot and Equestria into chaos. And behind it all, the mysterious Morning Star continues with his plans, which could spell the end of the world.

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Elderflower... my money's on Perlin slicing your throat open :twilightangry2:

Awesome! My Little Shonen updated!

It's back! And it's gonna be hard to outdo the conclusion of the last one. Which is why I'm looking forward to seeing what new directions this one'll go in.

Also, the S.S. ScootaDawn is still adorable :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by plp855 deleted Aug 17th, 2022

Woot woot! And here we Go! Breaking out the gore tag for this one, plus that story description, I foresee some heads rolling quite literally. Hope one of them is Elderflower or maybe Wight Shade, I don't like the creepy vibe he's giving off when with the Baron.

Also found a minor error.

Caramel, on the other hoof, piled up now fewer than four of the savory cakes on his plate

And the next one begins, woo! The last one didn't disappoint, so I can't wait to see where this one goes!

Well as the Nobles plan to play the role of Emperor Palpatine they forget what happened to that guy.

Will probably hit the featured box before leaving the new story box. I've seen it happen before, always for good reason. Good luck.:twilightsmile:

YES!!!!! So glad this is back. Weekly release date for chapters?

I agree some background and character building helps to draw you in especially between stories. Here's hoping dawn discovers his mantle this story!!

And so, once again, I get to say this:


It never gets old.:ajsmug:

Aaand strong beginning! :pinkiesmile: In my favorites because of that and the past stories. Keep it up, I shall eagerly await each chapter! :pinkiehappy:


Ready and willing! Awwwwwww yeah!

Good to see this is back :pinkiehappy:

Wight is a double double cross. I'm calling it.

Its interesting to see how badly this incident has affected dawn. But its good to see he's willing to let Scoots in and help him. as for Apple bloom, thats another can of worms all together..

I don't think Celestia would mobilize the entire Royal Guard without leaving a Celestial Knight protecting Canterlot.

Man, it's good to see the gang again........except for that Noble Elderflower......him I could have done without. Self-righteous, arrogant little....<mumble, grumble, grumble> Although, I suppose it's a sign of good writing when you hate a character for all the right reasons.....Also, what are WAFF's?

Pretty sure he's the leader of the Cult Solar.

Sporting a gold-colored colt that practically gleamed in sunlight, as well as a black mane shot through with streaks of stately gray, he was fairly easy on the eyes.


it certainly wasn't hard to make the connection between the Apple Family matriarch's passing and Bloom's new attitude problems.

Capitalize the sentence.

And so... it begins... AWESOME!

I'm actually more interested about what will happen in Canterlot with Baron Elderflower and his coup as with Dawn and the Cult.

Awesome start. :pinkiehappy: Still love that "But still yours?" bit.

I think I know just the knight she would ask for personally... The False

6588554 No, that's Morning Star.

It's here! It's here! It's here! It's here!
No pony emoticon is expressive enough to show my excitement for this!

First off, YES!! YES YES YES!!!

*coughs* now that I got that out of my system I'd just like to say this was a great chapter and I'm stoked for more.

As an observational note, I am still highly suspicious of Wright Shade. While he clearly is not Mourning Star he is in league with him, I don't doubt that. The kicker being the crystalline material on his horn that is clearly Dark Matter. I have a few theories but my favourite is that somehow Mourning figured out how to make clones of himself using his dark matter. And that Wright Shades function is to act as an early warning system for Mourning Star to let him know when Celestia is getting too close.

It's also good to see Dawn struggle with his lack of magic, it really hammers home just how dependent ponies are on their innate magic.

Umg. I get to reread! Unless you do that thing this chapter where you re-tell what has happened up until this point. Those always help! :pinkiehappy:

I'm also saddened this got way less attention than the rest of the stories, but I guess that's what happens when you write a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a damn this series is long.

Great to see the next instalment of the saga. Poor Dawn was really having a hard time. Good thing Scoots as there for him.

I can imagine both Big Mac and Apple jack wishing that they had trained more...Big Mac especially since he knew more of what was going on.

Hope for the best, yes...but prepare for the worst.

Better to have the skills and not need them, than to need the skills and not have them...

I knew something like this was going to happen when it was first introduced that Big Mac could have learned from Granny Smith, but chose not to because he thought he would never need it...

YEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! AT LAAAAAAST!!! It's time for us to bask in the glory of this epic saga's conclusion!

Also, I find it funny that Elderflower was able to pick up how almost the entire guard is leaving, yet failed to realize that there was no word of the PRINCESSES themselves going with them... I predict a smoking pile of burnt flesh in the Barons future.:rainbowlaugh:

Quick question, is this fic gonna update weekly like the last one?

6589322 You're also forgetting that one or more of the celestial knights will possibly be around the city. The nobles are moving with incomplete information, so their plans may not move as smoothly as possible.

6588392 I think there are a bit bigger problems as the nobles taking over Canterlot.

Yay! Savage Skies has returned! You have no idea how happy I was when I saw "Dark Matter" was up.

But it seems that errors still managed to creep through.

confining their conversation to the topic at hoof, "I could see all the smoke and dust from here, practically all the city could.

That should be a period after "hoof", not a comma.
After "from here", that should be a period or a semicolon.

"I see," said Edlerflower, refilling the cups of both himself and his guest, "In other words

That should be a period after "guest". Elderflower said two sentences, not one.
Also, you misspelled Elderflower.

"An excellent idea," said Wight, "However,

Same punctuation issue: period needed after "Wight".

Before that, he'd and fallen against a birdhouse,

That "and" doesn't belong there.

You should be forcing him to accept your help even if you have to tie him down and hmph!

Sweetie didn't say "hmph"; she was interrupted. An em dash is needed, either before the "hmph" or in place of it.

A jabbing pain struck Dawn in the chest as those words reached his ears. I'm scaring her...

I think that that last sentence needs to be italicized; it's Dawn's thoughts.

Also, you're missing a few vocative commas throughout.

Finally! The exciting conclusion story!

let's hope he lets us down easy, eh?

6588836 That would be my choice too. He can probably stop anypony trying anything without even using violence with all the tricks he has.

6589427 Yes, but I think having one Knight in Canterlot is a sensitive choice.

/sees gore tag

/looks for umbrella

6590295 I actually would just let these idiot do it. I give him AT MOST a month before the revolt starts and he gets lynched.

6590310 Here *gives umbrella* I have a spare one.

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