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Ten years. Our six heroes, gone. Disbanded and separated, broken from the bonds of friendship. An uprising with no hope, and tyranny unlike any other. The goddesses have grown distant, unconcerned. They too are affected by the scars brought by sentient nature. Battles between good and evil now become a question of morality, as the line of gray gets more and more smudged. A pirate, harsh and aggressive, but just and open-minded. A Legion sailor, holy and righteous, but blind and stubborn. Both warriors know and practice the virtues of living men, but one knows the truth, and the other is clouded by lies. Would one know the truth and fight good people to save lives, or be blinded by divine intervention with assurance of their deeds? As many answers as there are questions, one can assume the worst in this land of corruption. Because they pirate what little they can to stand for what they believe. They are pirates of virtue.

Pirates of Equestria

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I'm curious, I know that some of the Mane 6 has died for SURE, but I'm wondering whether we will ever see any of the ones alive-

Such as AppleJack and Rarity... maybe Twilight if she didn't actually die.

Wow, interesting idea, I vote for Angel to be Fluttershy's Parrot for soem reason....:pinkiehappy:

Please do keep up the good work upon such an interesting tale. :yay:

very interesting your story is XD
I hope you continue soon but take your time

Nice update and interesting change to the once weak Fluttershy. :flutterrage:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one, as I cannot wait to see what happens next in this storyline of yours. :pinkiehappy:

can i just say i havent been this interested in a story about pirates and ponies ever:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

318485 Of course you can. I actually dislike pirates, as in the whole holloween costume and premise thing, not internet pirates. But when I thought up this story, I found myself completely absorbed in the plot, working out the holes and content.

Usually don't like the whole 1800s and the pirates and sailors setting, but I'm having so much fun typing this story! Maybe it's just the ponies, I dunno.:trixieshiftright:

no it has nothing to do with the ponies whatsoever:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:*liar applejack face*

Buck Norris doesn't read books, he stares them down until he gets the information he needs...:pinkiehappy:

so...yeah:unsuresweetie: i actually wasn't sure about this at first, i usually like action fics, and i thought that the comedy bits would ruin the action, but you've managed to find a nice balance of comedy and drama, nice work!


also, hurr hurr fluttercry attack:fluttercry:

Yay new chapter

hmm...is Dash the only dead one? I don't remember and I don't feel like going back and reading the other chapters right now. Or is Dash even really dead? hmm....Like Racer X/Rex from speed racer?:rainbowderp:

469084 Well, I was going to tell you to look at the character icons, but fimfiction has a max five character rule now. My story is going to have a lot of main characters,but I'm a reasonable person; I would've put only the most important which would have been around nine or so. SIGH. Well I can't tell you who else died since I took out the old intro that told you who was alive, and if I say anything it would be spoilerish.

Sorry, but you'll be left in the dark until I reveal it in the story.



I really looooove the story so far! :pinkiecrazy: :fluttershyouch:
Also, did you say Fluttersigh on purpose? If so, I'm gonna start saying it. *Fluttersighs in happiness*

This just got SUPER interesting. Guards with opposite personalities? :pinkiecrazy: Please get more chapters on here. Please. :fluttercry:

627350 Yeah, hehe. I was getting tired of saying "FLUTTERSHY SIGHED" and "SIGHED FLUTTERSHY" since there really isn't a better way of saying it :derpytongue2: Plus it helps legitimizing (is that a word?) the comedy tag.

Spoiler (not really): CHAPTER 5 is going to have over 9000 words! Not trying to make a joke, it just is.

fantastically choreographed scene if i do say so myself. :moustache:

if i may put a bit of opinion in this, i would say to take it easy with the language a bit, sometimes a little too much cursing can cause a scene to lose seriousness or cause a character to seem less intelligent because of lack of a better vocabulary, but other than that, keep doing great, this story is awesome! :ajsmug:

703115 Thanks~!

And in response to your suggestion- No. I'm sorry but there's actually a point to all the cursing as follows

1. My story is written for adults specifically. I know it doesn't seem like it at the moment, but shits gonna be going down.
2. I want to show how dark and messed up Equestria had gotten in just a short decade. Corruption seeks so deep it has even done Fluttershy in, who ironically is the second most vulgar character.
3. Their sailors. You do know the sailor stereotype, correct? I wanted to leech on that.

As for the intelligence... No one in this story (so far, at least the pirates) are intelligent. Patch? He dropped out at fourteen, remember, he's witty, not smart. Fu'Shy never completed flight school, she ran away at a young age, if you recall. Pinkie Pie... is Pinkie Pie. Vex... well that would be spoilerish. Either way, thanks for the support, but the language is going to remain excessive.

Man, you did not disappoint! I really liked this chapter, but I hope to see a bit more of Fluttershy kicking ass. :yay:

Thanks for taking the time to work on this even as you were moving. :pinkiesmile:

708412 No problem, and thanks for the support!

took a while of waiting but finally here is
I'm curious, how this battle will end :pinkiegasp:

Yes, it's here!
A great confrontation later...

Serious apologies about the length of this chapter, guys. Hey, at least it didn't take three months this time :derpytongue2: Quick question: This story features nearly the entire cast (Don't worry, most of the roles will be minor, or major roles that only exist in one chapter), so which character would you like to see next? That includes the Mane 6, side characters, and background characters. Note: IN NO WAY WILL THIS ALTER THE STORY. I'm just curious is all ^_^

Is there any Pip x Luna?

1426425 I wanna see more of Fluttershy and Pinkie. Fluttershy's had fighting spotlight, but not that much. Also, Pinkie Pie has just been lounging around these last few chapters. She's gotta do something similar to a fight...even if all she fights is a seagull. :pinkiecrazy:

1430161 Woah, something I wasn't expecting. I realize that I have been focusing a lot on OCs thus far, and there's a very specific reason for that. They are characters that have not been established. I mean, we all know the mane six, and Luna, and Celestia, yadda yadda, but this is the first time anyone has seen Captain Patch, Vex, or Gjero. So, I have to establish OC's traits until I can balance out focus to canon characters. Don't get me wrong, a lot of focus (in fact, most) will be on the mane 6 (what's left of them anyway) since their personalities have changed so dramatically over the years. As for Pinkie being in a fight... I don't see that happening. I mean it might, if the situation deems it appropriate, but she has zero fighting experience or ability. I mean, three men were going to rape and probably kill her and she didn't even try to fight back. Also, Fluttershy is the weakest of the characters next to Pipsqueak in terms of ability, so she won't be that involved in fighting anything other than mooks or for support. I'm not saying she won't be fighting, I'm just saying she probably won't be fighting major characters too often. Sorry to disappoint :P. Once Rarity gets in the picture the mane 6's role will skyrocket, so you got that going for you. Seriously, it's really up to Patch and his friends to find Rarity considering he has the ship and supplies, but once they find her it'll be up to Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie to advance the plot. WALL OF TEXT AUTHOR PROWESS GO!!!

1431615 Thanks for the explanation! :pinkiesmile:

Still going strong with this. At first I was totally confused, but the bickering made me remember about the duo. They are indeed fun to read about...but I hope that the next chapter will bring something new. Once again, haven't heard much of Pinkie Pie since the first few chapters, maybe we could at least get a small filler chapter showing us what she does while everyone else is fighting updeck...actually, if you are interested, I have an idea of how Pinkamena could fight. Like we talked about, she might be rubbish in a physical fight. But she's lower decks and she's Pinkie Pie...maybe she could pull Jack Sparrows and have to go updeck for an emergency, totally making a fool out of the fighters that fail to hit her and get outsmarted. Or she could be in charge of belowdeck cannons if there are any. If she still remembers how to use a party cannon, she should be able to use a weaponized one. I look forward to the upcoming chapters. There really should be more people watching this, though. It can get confusing with so many characters and updates having up to a month wait, but even so, you have put together a great story so far.

1749685 You totally predicted a lot of shit, brah! I was already planning a filler just about that next fight (actually I planned it from the start, but I haven't seen a good enough spot to put it in yet). As for Pinkie in a fight, I kinda lied. She serves as a good distraction and does now how to work a cannon efficiently. But there's a story aspect of why she isn't around much atm... youll see ;-) Another thing about updates: theres a couple of reasons I wait so long between updates. One: The canon. I don't want to write an entire chapter just to have it contradicted by the show. I still write, but I have to do it conservatively cause my story kinda delves into a lot of fan lore, in case you haven't noticed. Two, I don't have many fans reading this. I don't want to sound arrogant, but a story of this length is going to get followers eventually no matter how bad it is. If I had a larger reader pool I would update more reliably, but I want to take advantage of the lax I have now.

Btw, its astonishing how many characters I have planned out... I hope it doesn't subtract from the story.

1761087 It shouldn't, as long as you keep up the way you are writing your chapters at the moment. Even though it may be hard for some readers to keep track, readers like me will be able to picture everything going on at the same time, like the club fight for instance. I am hoping that the next fight is similar to that one. :pinkiesmile: Keep doing good! I'll be patient as long as I can, I love this story.

40,000 words gais.... sotired.

Keep going this story rocks. I am loving Vex. This is a badass story bro. Respect.

1899014 Thanks a lot! Yeah, in case you haven't figured, Vex is my favorite OC atm.:ajsmug:

Thank god I thought I was going to died of old age befor the next chapter
You bib a good job keep it up:rainbowdetermined2:

What happen to raindow dash again

1968742 "Spiraled right into a mountain, the paper said."

More detail next chapter, promise ;)

I must be your biggest fan :p

please come with the next chapter soon, i need moar

Yup, season 3's ending is gonna fuck over a ton of fic writers...this will be strange. Are you gonna incorporate princess Twilight, or continue with unicorn Twilight?

I never thought I'd see...er, read...about Rarity kicking so much ass! :rainbowkiss: You never disappoint, comrade. Now hopefully I can try and work on my own story.

2057451 I don't think alicorn twilight will pose a problem for PoE at all; I haven't written enough about her backstory for there not to be an easy write around. If it completely date rapes my fic and throws it down a ditch only after using the empty carcass to smuggle drugs, then I will simply change it to alternate universe, but I don't think it will come to that.

And yes; Character irony is one of my favorite devices, with the prim and proper Rarity being an ultimate badass. But don't think she'll be OP... trust me, ;)


Sorry it took so long.

Twilicorn threw me off :twilightoops:

Funny guy that drake, Would be good know moré about him And The strange state of discord

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