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Crimson Lionheart

Interested in HiE, gorey(not Cupcakes) action, and dont mind the occasional emotional fic

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[Please Read] Reasons for not updating · 12:02am Jan 12th, 2013

On December 21st, my school holidays began. Every night I lived off of energy drinks, chips, juice and cans of coke, and getting about 2 hours of sleep. I was perfectly fine with this until the 10th, when I began dry heaving blood uncontrollably. It was actually that bad that I was going to go to the hospital (didn't go). I have a headache, I feel terrible, I am insanely tired and I have no drive to do anything. So, to keep myself from going to the hospital, I promised my mum that I would stop

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Did I send you a PM?

261570 I would gladly, but it will have to wait a few hours.(sleepy time here)

Good day fellow brony,

Could I persuade you to pre-read my first fanfic? It's a Conversion Bureau story with a focus on action and with a tone of hope and optimism. It gets dark, from time to time, but never oppresively grimdark and it wouldn't be much of an action/adventure tale without evil to fight.

  • Viewing 29 - 33 of 33
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