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Crimson Lionheart

Interested in HiE, gorey(not Cupcakes) action, and dont mind the occasional emotional fic


Ever since he was a boy, Arin has always been curious. When he gets interested in something, he can't stop himself from trying to learn everything about it he can. When his mentor mentions an ancient race of beings called the Abyssals, he had to find out what they were. He rummaged the library for any reference to them. During his deciphering, a voice invades his mind and promises him power and knowledge in return for a favour. This one exchange will change Arin's life forever and land him in a world of talking ponies and dangerous creatures

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Comment posted by Crimson Lionheart deleted Jan 7th, 2013

enough to keep reading it

1921431 Thanks for that,
When I posted it last night, I was so nervous. Now, I have gotten 15 favourites, that's 3 times as many I thought this story would ever get.

Interested. Tracking and liking. Keep up the good work,
Brony on!

Its good but you could make then Chapters longer:rainbowkiss::ajbemused::derpytongue2:

1922587 I am going to keep the chapters at 2 thousand words and try to upload 2 a day for a bit

hmm. ill see where this goes. good chapter, but what in sam's hell is that stuff at the bottom?:eeyup:

very nice, though odd he learned so much of the minotaur language in such a short time, but otherwise an interesting chapter.:eeyup:

:facehoof: I didn't put the ending remarks in to German, did I?

Short chapter today, but I'll upload 3 tomorrow :twilightsmile:

1925306 why not upload 2 of them now

1924592 :rainbowhuh: The only bit of this chapter in Minotaur is when the minotaur with the sabre talks.
everything else is in Equestrian (and conveniently, Arcadian)

haha nice lil bit at the end hoss. good chapter, short, sweet and to the point :eeyup:

looks like this story will have some great derp moments i found the last part funny

I like how the Minotaurs are speaking german even if the grammar is a bit clunky, or was that intentional?
I also like the idea of entering a contract with a powerful being and then surprising everyone with crazy shit abilities out of nowhere.

I got the same problem man.

1932120 I am not too good with German, v.v
and yeah, surprising everyone, even himself
I have some cool abilities for him to get, but they will all burn him back some way(unintentional pun)

1931963 I want to try and keep the stories serious but have a moment or two where you can have a little laugh to yourself, now to find a way to do that without making them all derp moments or just timed swearing after an event.

Comment posted by Crimson Lionheart deleted Jan 10th, 2013

How many of you are translating the little passing comments at the end of each chapter from the voice in his head?

nice chapter hoss. keep up the good work. I would assume that Vlast is sending him to go train with twilight? if not then oh well. Just a little curious :eeyup:

Wow.... 930 miles away. He should be able to see it at the distance. (I think there was suppose to be a million in there, but I've been wrong before.) Awesome chapter, personally I love back story.
Brony on!

Now that I know what language the words at the bottom are in, I just went back and translated them all, as I shall now do in the future chapters that I read.

What worries you?
Well what is it?
Tell me, tell me, TELL ME!!!

The only problem I have is that you need to indent the paragraphs... other than that, keep up the exceptional work...

Moar! Also there were a few mistakes. ( I.e. 'dwafed' instead of 'dwarfed' and there were also a few broken sentences)

2373034 I didn't?

Sorry, didn't copy over well from google docs

2374726 From what I saw, no from Chapter VI onwards

2373452 I wrote this whenever I had time, i.e. 4 am most days, I'll fix them up in a few hours, I have schooling and work first though...

Sooo... do you still write?

Love the Russian endings, though the German grammar could use some work. Then again, I speak high German, not the southern vernacular, so I might be wrong.

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