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β€œAn artist's job is to captivate you for as long as we've asked for your attention. If we stumble into truth, we got lucky, and I don't get to decide what truth is.” -Tabitha Fortis, The West Wing


Princess Celestia. The Unconquered Sun. The Day and Dawn of Equestria. The Commander of Light and Flame.

Currently, terrified out of her wits. A single piece of parchment lies before her, ready to receive the words that she has longed to speak for two years. This letter could change everything, could end her loneliness, could grant her the love she's always hoped to find.

Or it could destroy everything, terrify and alienate her student, and render the relationship they have to so much ash.

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the ending was great, if sad I feel bad for gold sunbutt think twilight does not feel that way...... though I bet when she learns that her letter was take by few dragon and burn up she may be bit mad

It was entirely possible -- I always wondered what was in that lost letter.

Spike is pretty conscientious and responsible. He should have informed Celestia reasonably promptly after the adventure of her letter's fate.

Suggesting that she still hasn't found the courage to write another one.

I wonder when Luna will lose her patience with her again and force another confession.

Oh my god, that ending hit hard.
I spotted a few errors, strangely all in the same paragraph. I don't know whether they were intentional, but in case they weren't, the three errors are in bold and underlined:

Twilight, my star, my light, my love. For two years I have suppressed these feelings of love, fearing lest thou should reject me. But I can no longer go on in uncertainty and fear. You are beautiful, in body and mind and soul, and I fear lest some other shall draw thy eye before I have mustered the courage to tell thee of my love.

First: "thou shouldst", I think, is correct.
Second: for consistency, I'd change this to "Thou art".
Third: "thine eye". It's "thy" before a consonant sound, and "thine" before a vowel sound, like "a" and "an".
8462745 Agreed.

Ooohhhhhhhh. Damn.

Celestia going to be crushed when twilight dosent come.:pinkiegasp::applecry:

Nothing I can say will ever describe how sorry I feel for celestia.
She poured her heart out and now she thinks she was rejected by twilight.

Thanks for catching those.

Don't lose hope. Twilight can still ask Celestia about the letter later. I would like to think that she would be curious to know about What would be.

Phew! Lucky break there for Celestia. Getting involved with your personal student years before you declare her graduation? Huge breach of ethics and all around bad juju. Would have ended in the bitterest of tears for all involved parties. Even Pinkie's.

Years later, once Twilight has reached her true potential and can see you as an equal, that's when a real relationship has a chance. Looks like you got your sunny flanks pulled out of the fire by the unsubtle hoof of the magic of harmony.

...........please tell me you're writing a sequel.

You. Cannot. End. It. There.

:fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry:

This was conceived and written over the course of an hour and a half and published with no editing. No promices.

Lovely little story, and I think you left it off at the right place, where we can fill in the rest of it ourselves. I think it could do with some more copy editing, and I would have liked to read a little more about Celestia's reactions as she really got going with the letter. I think the ending also felt just a little jarring, mostly because of the quick shift in tone, but it got the point across. Overall, though, it was an enjoyable read that came in at just the right length. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Thanks for the feedback!

Loved it! Are you going to make a sequel where Celestia comes home crying Luna trys to bring her cunfert only for a letter from Twilight shows up and the two read it saying that Twiight were tailing Spike and a dragon distroyed the letter and is asking what the distroyed letter was about. Which only makes Luna want to kill he unknow dragon?

I have toyed off and on with a sequel, but it would take place far further down the road. (In all honesty, I'm kind of waiting for another letter to canonically get destroyed so I can give Tia a second chance to pour her heart out. That one will probably end in someone getting banished to the sun. Yes, I do enjoy torturing my characters.)

Oh boy... You could have it where Twilight and Spike are watching Flurry Heart again and Twilight went into another room to get something when Celestia sends him a letter but then Flurry dose something to it and Spike did let Flurry look at it thinking that the two could read it first and then tell Twilight what it saids to her when she gets back. So he sends a letter to Celestia witch she is with Ember at the time as well. Which this time the letter Celestia sent the letter telling him that Ember was visiting her and woundered if he would like to come and vist. When the two got Spikes new letter they thought it was fast and read it and it gose something like this.

Dear Princess Celestia I'm sorry to inform you that Princess Flurry Heart is being baby sat with us and Twilight left the room for a bit when you sent your letter. I had Flurry on my lap and was about to take a look to see if it was for me or Twilight when Flurry distroid it. Can you send a new copy of what you just sent with out the info of Flurry distrying the first one? Twilight is still mad about Garble distroying the letter you sent around the last Dragon migration.

When the two read it Ember looks to see Celestia really mad and Celestia saids I really want to sent this Garble to my sun right now. And Ember just saids go right a head I won't call war for it.


I hate this story, I hate it so much you have no idea.

Ok well maybe not that much, but that ending was just heartbreaking! Seriously!? I wish there was a sequel.

I promise that if I ever wrote a sequel, it would not be any less hate-inspiring. :pinkiehappy:

Good. 😈

I love good endings. Wait hold on, am I reading this wrong? I guess it doesn't matter anyway, I would read it regardless.

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