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Creativity knows no bounds for me, which is why my MLP Wahtiff scenarios do not stick with either a single headcanon, romantic shipping, source of influence from other authors, or even added canon.


Most girls love getting flowers, right? The same goes with most, if not every, mare in Equestria. To Twilight, though, these flowers from a friend are for more than just beauty...

Warning: Flowers, Bouquets, and F/F pairing ahead.

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Comments ( 16 )

That was a sweet story! Short, like you said, but I liked it very much.

Very beautiful short story.

Glad you liked it!

Great short story. TwiLuna Rules :twilightsmile:

Haven't read yet, but you hardly need a warning for F/F pairing.

I mean...
you have looked at the majority of shipfic pairings on this site, right?

Not many stories here include or even hint at floriography, something that I think would be very natural for ponies. Lovely story!

Yes I have, but just in case there's that ONE person...

I think the character and Romance tags should keep you covered. :twilightsheepish:
But your fic, your ruling.

I remember once toying around, having looked up "the language of flowers", and it was when I had created a bouquet that effectively stated, "I hate you and I'm coming to get you" that I realized: you really can say it with flowers. :rainbowlaugh:

Silly tangent aside, this was a heartwarming short. :twilightsmile:

lovely story.
Well crafted and I appreciated how much you managed to convey with next to no lines of dialogue in the story.

Waaaaiit a minute. To whom and how would you give THAT bouquet, exactly? :rainbowlaugh:

Still waiting to find an appropriate recipient, really. :rainbowlaugh:

Wow. Absolutely beautiful story. Excellent work.

This is incredibly gorgeous. The implementation of the flowers were really unique and I love the fun concept that it gives and these two aw

Glad you enjoyed!

I get the feeling that, since she was the only one who didn't say what the others did, that Cadance helped Luna to confesss to Twilight like she did.

I wouldn't be surprised if Luna had gone to her and asked for help. Princess of Love and all.

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