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Fluttershy has always considered it a joy and a duty to care for animals in life, and saw no reason not to care for them in death. Having established a small resting place under an old tree in the local cemetery, none have ever disturbed her or her beloved animals. Until now.
Finding an irregularity at the grave site after the death of the local badger matriarch, Mrs. Nizbit, Fluttershy endeavours to discover whether the change is malevolent or benign, and accidentally stumbles upon a centuries old secret.

(Teen for mild language)

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Still cracking up over that picture. So... We got Marvin from HGttG, nice to see the good ol' depressed android getting some recognition.

Transformers movies... yup, died after the second one, third kinda' ended it but it was a bit shit so yeah.


Even Freiza's trying to push back into the spotlight. tut-tut, Freiza. Your days are over.

Hmmm interesting can't wait to find out what's going down.

Grave-rubbings. Rather than grave-robbing. Maybe.

6940650 I do love references, you know :rainbowlaugh:

6941082 It's not what one might call a world-changing scoop, but it gives a little insight into some character's lives.

6945181 I will neither confirm nor deny either of those things. :rainbowderp:

Despite everything happening being cute and funny (aside from the whole graveyard business), knowing Daniel's tendencies, I can't help bracing all the time for unexpected bloodbath.

Or vampires.

6958590 Hahaha!! That would be just like me, wouldn't it?
The story is already written, and I can promise you there are neither bloodbaths or vampires.
I'm trying to switch it up a little from my usual stuff with this story, although given the view rate maybe that wasn't the best idea.


I'm trying to switch it up a little from my usual stuff with this story, although given the view rate maybe that wasn't the best idea.

I think it has less to do with it, but rather with this story being a fanfic overall. Most of the time people read mlp (or any other) fan fiction to fill up that mlp-shaped hole in their hearts/brains/whatever and the most appealing content most of the time is something that is:

1) Very clear in it’s purpose
2) Covers specific zone of interest created by the show or something else that is IN atm.
3) Fan service.

To make a parallel with some of your stuff –Evening Sonata came out in a perfect time for people starving for proper resolution and more of the characters overall they grow to like and sympathize with in the movie – sirens and Sunset. The story itself was a straight, and what felt like, a natural continuation of the events of the movie. Combine those with a great talent = tons of attention and love.

RoR on the other hand had less to do with mlp (in tone and content) but rather with fantasy epic, which is fine and good but not the reason people are reading these stories in the first place.

So does this story – from its presentation (vague title, gloomy cover art and description from a mystery novel rather than pony story) it doesn’t have that mlp feel to it nor mainstream appeal elements such as tits, explosions or any other kind of fan service. It’s very well written and I’m really interested in where the story will go, but I would lie if said that when I first saw this story in my feed I went “Oh yeah, this is gonna be good!” instead of “Huh. Ok, let’s have a look”.

6958972 Fair point. It's too bad I write what I want to write rather than what's trending at the time :rainbowlaugh:

That's a wonderfully in-depth analysis of the minds of the FIMfiction readers.

Are sirens ancient in this story and part of the description

and accidentally stumbles upon a centuries old secret.

is refering to whatever Sonata's been doing?

6967290 Yeah, the sirens are ancient in this story. And yes, the centuries old secret is what Sonata has been doing

6958903 I know some people, like me. Added this to their read later list and take forever to get around to it.

Welp that's one mystery resolved!

I must confess I had no idea taphophilia was a thing until I read this. Proof that you learn something new every day, sometimes from the most unexpected sources :rainbowlaugh:

This one's looking fun and interesting, wonder if the other Sirens know about Sonata's little hobby :pinkiegasp:

Speaking of which... That's an interesting hobby to give to Sonata. And considering they're ancient, she must have quite an interesting collection :derpytongue2:

7643117 The fact that they're ancient was the primary reason for my coming up with this story. I'll probably never finish this story, since the ending I had in mind disagrees with me now, and I can't think of another plausible one.
Essentially, the other sirens do know of Sonata's hobby, and Sonata does have a rather extensive (and surprisingly well organised) collection of records. Some of which Adagio and Aria stole and sold over the years in order to maintain their luxurious life style. Extant records of people thousands of years dead can go for a lot if you know who to sell them to.

7643135 For some reason I like the idea of Sonata actually being organized for her hobbies. Or at least for this one, it adds to the unexpected.

A shame to know you may not continue it though :fluttercry: But oh well, it's understandable. I still love your stories so I shall await whatever comes in the future :twilightsmile:

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