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I'm better at making music than writing, so

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2272383 Consider it a full-blown success, then :pinkiehappy:

I can absolutely relate to the desire to decode feelings and atmosphere into basic elements that can be translated into text, or audio, or any other format and then reassembling them, to retain the full impact and complexity of whatever it is that you, as the creator, feel or experience at the time. Knowing that you succeeded in doing so must be the most rewarding compliment you can get, I'm sure.

I'm honestly amazed at the refinement of your writing in the face of the emotional attachment you had to scene, in terms of arrangement and storytelling most of all. In my own experience, it's really difficult to not get hung up on creating a setting or ambiance, and instead making sure that what you write actually constitutes as a story, with some kind of pacing, development and conclusion. You've done really well at that, while also nailing the emotional and atmospheric aspects :twilightsmile:

2272311 - Wow. I am seriously humbled. (flattered? yeah that too). I'm always glad to know if my work touches readers. Especially with a story like L&H, where I put everything I had into it.

Don't worry that you didn't have anything "constructive" to say. I rarely do. My responses to other people's fics are usually just me telling the writer I liked it – I don't consider myself nearly "high-level" enough to second guess another writer beyond technical issues. My works tend not to get many comments for some reason (do I scare people away?), so even someone just giving a "job well done" makes my day. :twilightblush:

It's interesting you mention Sunny's voice-crack. When I write, I read passages aloud, often multiple times, so I can tweak it before making the story public. I like to believe it helps the dialog flow. That particular line from Sunny, I couldn't say it without breaking. That also applies to pretty much the entire second half of the story.

Won't lie; I teared up a little when I finally found Rarity's comfort words and wrote them down. In fact, even thinking about specific parts of L&H makes me misty-eyed. It's not an easy work.

If I'm able to get a reader to feel even a fraction of the emotion I put into a story like L&H, then I'll have succeeded.


Hey, a bit funny you should say that because I did initially want to leave a comment; I ended up not doing that, though. I guess, especially coming from a music production background, I tend to feel like my thoughts regarding the work of someone who is objectively better than me at whatever it is they're doing aren't really going to be helpful and really just waste the time of everybody involved. It's not that I haven't had experiences where such help from other people really brought me forward, but if I have something to say, surely it's just a stylistic decision they made that I can't even understand? :twilightsheepish:

In this case, though, I don't even have that kind of pseudo-constructive criticism to put forward. I loved so much about that story, honestly; the headcanon for Sunset's living arrangements, the fact that it cast my two favourite characters in the franchise, the theme, the writing style, all of it.

["]And you know what? I’m… okay with that,” she concluded as her voice cracked.

That part really, really got me though. Everything about the way Sunset's views were presented felt so sincere, and, to some unfortunate degree, relatable. That particular sentence right there, voice cracking and all, hit a nerve. I'm just taking that out of my head, though, so it's like, not exactly valuable feedback I guess lol.

Thanks for writing it and sharing it with us all, though :twilightsmile:

Thank you for adding Lows & Highs to your favourites! I appreciate it. :pinkiehappy:

If you have any other feedback for me, I'd love to hear it.

Thank you for adding Rainbow Dash and the Pie Sisters to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

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