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Story Progress

Derpy Hooves and the Quest for the Chocolate Muffin
Stage: Complete

A Mirror to Another World
Stage: Complete

The Janitor of Canterlot Castle
Stage: Complete

Fluffy Ponies
Stage: Complete

Rainbow Dash in a Turtle Shell
Stage: Complete

My Little Professor: Farnsworth's an Idiot
Stage: Writing

Stage: Finished

Story Project - Codename: "Back in Action"
Stage: Started

Story Project - Codename: "Let's Go Crazy"
Stage: Planned
1. Planned: The story is only a mere thought in the sky. It is not confirmed as to whether or not it will be written, but it has a high chance of becoming an actual story for all to read.
2. Started: The first chapter of the story is being written, edited, and refined to either a complete pile of crap or a jewel-encrusted jewel. This stage only lasts from the beginning and end of the first chapter.
3. In Progress...: The story is still being written and has yet to be completed.
4. Finished: Voila! The story is finished and everyone can finally know what happens in the very end! (Hint: All the characters are killed off!)

*Note that stories can be cancelled at anytime for different reasons.


I Have a New Fic on My New Account: The Enchanted Book · 6:47pm Jun 12th, 2014

Here's a link for you all:
Click here to click here.

I'd appreciate if you all would read it and favorite it and whatnot.


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Glad to see you're still alive. Were you in a state of catatonic suspension? :moustache:

aw dude I just saw the thing where you said you weren't writing fics anymore. I was just about to ask if you were planning on writing a sequel to The Janitor of Canterlot Castle... :raritydespair:

Well, hey! Thanks you so much for the Watch, Freeze! I'll do my best to keep deserving it!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch! What's I do to earn it?

Sorry for the late reply, people usually don't comment on my page, so I don't check, and also I have yet to see notifications pop up saying that people commented.

Anywho, I assume it was the blog about some stuff going to shit, but that blog was just to try to troll back one of my troll friends. No worries.

If it's not, tell me what blog it was, please.


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