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Trixie Charms Update!!! · 7:04am Dec 13th, 2017

I'm so so sorry it's taken me this long to finish this story. Between Voice Acting and performing in Musical Theatre and everything else I do (and writers block), I've finally after all these years finished writing out the FINAL chapter. It is now it the editing stages and is currently over 10k words. I hope you are all still watching and I'm sorry if I left you waiting. This story was originally made to help me break my writers block... and in the end, it just came right back. I think in the

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119218 In terms of tidying up, formatting, basic grammar and spelling is one thing you should look for though those are relatively minor. Lance and Cherry are according to me, quite well developed. so in terms of plot, your story is decent. IDK what changes would make it even better though because I'm not used to writing these types of fics.

Speaking of cleaning up, I need an opinion on my story (see my profile) it's about the architects of Canterlot Castle. I like reviews XD


Thank you :) And yeah, there's a lot of flaws and i'm currently trying my best to learn how to fix them and make the story much more pleasing to the eye. :twilightsheepish:

As for the future? Tidying the story up is the only thing I can think of. I had originally planned on releasing a scene that I cut from the story that I just couldn't come up with at the time. It's a scene where Lance sings a lullaby to Cherry to help her fall asleep, the lullaby was a song that their mother used to sing to him when he was little, and now he sings it to her. Lyrics are complete and i even have a tune to go with it. I wanted to release it as bonus content for those who've enjoyed this story, but I can't find anyone with piano skills who can do the tune. So that idea just fell about.

These days tho, I'm just making videos for YouTube and doing a little voice over work for my friends MLP game. (Which Lance and Cherry are going to be playable characters in :pinkiehappy:)

*looks up* And I just made a reply that's long enough to be a blog post :derpytongue2:

Thanks again for reading the story, I'm so glad I gave writing my own story a chance. I'm clearly not a professional, but i do know how to tell a good story :twilightsmile: and I hope to get this story re-written when i learn how to write properly.

1st comment on ur profile? Awesome. Just commenting to let you know that Angelswift, while it had flaws, was a pretty good read. What's next?

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