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The Brony Fore

Hello, this is the FimFiction account for the Brony Fore. We're a group of bronies who make vids (soon) and stuff. This account is manned by me, Waffle_Wave.


Clopfic Planning! · 12:58am Jan 25th, 2013

There are a confirmed 12 chapters in my clopfic, Many Strange Days for Rainbow Dash. Here's the list, including the already posted.
Chapter 1:Memories
Chapter 2:Hunger
Chapter 3:Competition
Chapter 4:Role Model
Chapter 5:Scared
Chapter 6:Magic
Chapter 7:Side effects
Chapter 8:Persuasion
Chapter 9:Temptation
Chapter 10:Temptation Part 2
Chapter 11:Main Event
Chapter 12:Retry

Why, you might ask?

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