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Hi. I'm a brony who enjoys orchestral music composition and, well, writing.I'm on MLPForums.com as Night Shine.


I'm back! And I'm almost done with the next chapter of "Garden of Shadows" · 8:34am Feb 2nd, 2014

Hey everypony! :3

I'm really sorry about not updating anything in the last month or so. Depression's my excuse, but excuses are still excuses. Anyway, the good news is that I'm putting the last touches on the next chapter of Garden of Shadows, and I'll hopefully post it tomorrow. After that, it might be a little while before the last chapter, but I promise you all that I haven't given up on the story.

Have a nice night! Or, day, if that's when you're reading this.
-Night Shine

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Have you read A Voice Among the Strangers by Tystarr? I read one of your comments on Honey Pie II so I'm wondering.

It has a human it in but the changeling presence is pretty important in the story. Personally my favorite story with changelings. Honey Pie is a close second.

I see Misunderstanding is in your favorite list and that story was somewhat inspired by Tystarr's story.

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Thanks for the fave of To watch over me

874291 I attempted to upload what I have, but FiMFiction refused to publish it on the grounds that it isn't pony enough. :pinkiesad2: I do have a ton of it already written. Maybe I could post it to my DeviantArt...?

EDIT: Yeah, I posted the first couple chapters (which is to say, Act 1) onto my DeviantArt. You can find them by following the link in my journal entry, if you want :3

Awaiting your Crystal Empire Saga to be uploaded. :pinkiecrazy:

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