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Hi. I'm a brony who enjoys orchestral music composition and, well, writing.I'm on MLPForums.com as Night Shine.


Side-story to my Elements of Disharmony fic. Puzzle Master, for whatever reason, decides to invite Discord over for a lovely spot of tea; predictably, shenanigans ensue.

I apologize that this is so short...I was going to add a lot more to it, but then I had to focus more to write another story (quite a bit deeper and whatnot) called Wisp. On a side-note, you have no idea how relieved I am to finally not add the "Dark" tag to one of my stories. :P

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I have no words to express how.... I dont even know.

This just goes to show how the Lord of Chaos works. I loved it! Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

I love your elements of disharmony fix so I am betting to love this one


Exactly what AugustRush said...and that is totally Discord. You have to love Discord.

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