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Romantically Apocalyptic Crossover (I literally found that comic and spent four hours reading all 154 issues. Another one should be out soon...)

After a particularly rough day hauling his gear around with a couple of lunatics and a bitter scientist in a post-apocalyptic land now most commonly known as "Captania," Charles Snippy is tired. More so than usual, I mean, they've been attacked my aliens, zombies, nutrition worshiping cults (That was Captain's fault) and lots of things that shouldn't exist, but he had to admit that a legion of tri-breasted, sentient, transgender snakes was a first.

But, instead of giving Mr. Snippy a break, Pilot goes of and starts doing whatever it is he does, which kind of sucks the entire group into a(nother) trans-dimensional worm hole, this time to a place called "Equestria."

Oh Boy.

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I was waiting for this for a long time now.

Why didn't you just write your own?
In fact, why haven't you written any stories?

Sabban is not a writer, Sabban is a reader. And a translator. Sometimes. :trixieshiftright:

yes! thank you!

also, is this after the last issue or before?

I didn't choose a specific timeline after which this happens. But yeah, probably.

3065673 then snippy still has his biomatrix scarf and trowel?:pinkiehappy:

Well, here, Zee Captein took the scarf back, but, as the title entails, Snippy and Engie will both be using their winter wrap-up tools again soon.

3065684 hehe, i would love to see snippy fight a guard or something with his trusty trowel:rainbowlaugh:

What's this a crossover with? The description doesn't say, which in my opinion is a very big mistake for any author.

Please direct your attention the the very top of the Long Description. There you will find the crossover.

3066526 Youssa bigger dumb dumb than JarJar Binksa!!

Comment posted by Fugly Duckling deleted Aug 19th, 2013

"You may want to dig in your heels."

"What? Why? Oh shit, not aga-"


click here for a bigger version of the picture.

Behold!!! The Mug of God!!!!!!!!!!!! All shall kneel before its master!!! Zee Captain!!!!!

The mug is sentient, and can fire ion beams.

I have to say that this is pretty damn awesome..

Actually it tries to murder zee captain,but he being him,could even eat nuclear bombs for breakfast.

can't wait for more If I don't I'll mug you:pinkiecrazy:

I may have to read the comics, I love the captain:pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy:

He's ZEE CAPTEIN. How dare you to misspell the name of the Great One?! :facehoof:

GreekSatelite! You shoe! Why was I not notified immediately?!

"I will mug you"
Dat one liner.

Author you MAY want to add a link to the comic story in the description as im pretty sure ALOT of people who saw this don't know what the heck is going on lel

You know what? I wanna see what happens when we put Captain and Pinkie Pie in the same room together. :pinkiecrazy:

...I get everything except the man in the skin-tight red suit.

Apart from that, I could not stop laughing. Done perfectly. Perfectly, I say.

He would be the one they call Deadpool.
If you don't know him, look 'im up; he is best superhero.

Ah dont like snake people?? Well, more for me then, Allon-sy!!

Dude, you broke the fourth wall waaaay too many times here.

I know, I'm sorry, no more tampering for me.

Super epic fedora man :yay:

*pokes author with a stick*

I'm going to have to apologize; I kind of just lost internet at my home. Again. Rawrgh.

What the hell is the captains major malfunction?!?

Yes, quite. :twilightsmile:

3604131 Your picture scares me..... :fluttercry::fluttercry:

Zee Captain is actually female.

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