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Radiant Dawn

Write what you know; write what you feel. Give life to that which lacks it, and mend the heart of they who need it most. Love, laugh, and cry. Never be afraid to be yourself. This is me.


This story is a sequel to Twilight's Song

Princess Twilight Sparkle is as eternal as time itself, and yet holds a mortal heart. She knows loss, for she has lost. She knows love, for she has loved. What then, is there left for one who will forever remain?

Cover art provided by SynthieRose, used with permission.

This takes place one-hundred years after the events of the previous story. Twilight is now nearing six-hundred years of age, and yet feels as if time has stood still for her.

Technology has advanced, civilizations had risen and fallen, and yet through it all, she has persevered...mostly.

Note: You will notice that technology has not advanced in the same order as that of humans has, with some advancements completely having been passed over. This is because this is a different world with different rules and a different line of physics and power sources. Keep that in mind. Also, do not expect Twilight to act the same as canon. Such a long time can change everything about who someone is, so keep that in mind and don't come to me shouting "OOC".

With that all taken in mind, enjoy the story.

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Urk, right in the feels at that last bit.

Sadness. :(

Nice to see a sequel! Let the healing begin!

2647446 The whole story is not going to be sad though, hence the lack of a sad tag. This was just the lead-in.

2647349 You're welcome.


Cadence, me, Celestia, and Luna

That somehow sounds very selfish and very mean towards Spike.

2648045 Glad you caught that, because that little snippet will be addressed later.

Uh, why do you say here that Applejack was the first to go, but in Twilight's Song, she was there for Rainbow's birthday when Rainbow died?:twilightoops:

Oh, look at that. All of my feelings lying on the floor, bleeding.
... oh wait, my bad. That's not blood, that's tears. :fluttercry:
Damn good story, though

2648420 Fixed. Thanks for catching that, I was half-awake when I wrote that segment.

I'm glad to see this story continued, as it was very touching. Hoping this one turns out well!

2649763 That is the idea. Thank you for reading.

Comment posted by Grrratch deleted May 30th, 2013

Far better from what I actually presumed this to be, good job on the story so far!

Great work, Radiant Dawn.

I'm eager to read the next chapter ^^

This is a wonderful continuation of this stories prequel. I can't wait to see what happens next, and I can't wait to see how/if Twi's heart heals from it's wounds. Or at the very least learns to love again.

I am so ready for more of this. Feelings about Twi's parents in this continuity aside, I love everything about this futureverse you're doing, I love the work with feels that you've proven yourself capable of, and I will read. The hell. Out of all of it. :yay:

I read the first part last night and now tonight this, you truly are talented Radiant. I cant wait to see what comes next for this and your other stories:twilightsmile:

I need to stop checking my inbox just before going to bed. This continues to be one of the best looks at future Twilicorn I've read, up there with a good friend's one-shot fic along the same lines. Both have captured well the side effects of immortality as visited upon a pony who spent a great many relatively recent years among friends, and what Twi would be driven to feel, and do, as a result. I love the idea of just why she's the Princess of Magic though; it's a concept explored a time or two before to be sure, but this feels far more unique in execution, and makes all of the sense in the world.

Done gushing, gonna flop. Carry on! :twilightsmile:

This is all very touching and well done, I could see this all actually happening with the characters. I just have one problem;

why the heck did all these revelations take so bloody long to happen?

Twilight and Cadance talk about Shining's death over 500 years after it happens? Celestia and Luna keep those secrets all this time just for Luna to tell her now? Granted I understand that happened because Twilight finally said goodbye to her friends but even that took an absurd, though I could see it happening, amount of time.

I'm sorry, but it just seems these kind of things would have been better to discuss sooner, like maybe a few years after and instead of a few centuries.

All the questions I had after the first chapter have been answered without my asking. I cant wait to see what happens between twilight and celestia:ajsmug:

Nice two chapters so far, can't wait to read more

Some time has passed since I read "twilight's song". I managed to read this at long last and I must tell you something. I was a bit afraid about sequel ( how it will be looked like ) . And now I am afraid no more, you really write something great. Again I feel this great connection with characters. I can't wait for next chapter. Since this day I will truly follow you blindly :twilightsmile:


Lookin' forward to the next chapter, my body is ready...I hope.

Looks good so far, and seems to be one of the better "future twilicorn" stories out there.

Have an upvote!

This get's a FAV and a LIKE. plz go on:twilightblush:

If this never gets another update it'd be a tragedy!

Nice chapter, however, "“Lady Crystal” is a pegasus one second then a unicorn the next. You might want to check that out.

>Rarity Belle
>Applejack Apple

Ugh,this fanon about surnames,aside that being constantly squashed by canon,is one of the ones that makes the least amount of sense,even in their fantasy-magical-marsmallowy world.

Now that aside,this story is fun and cute so far! Keep it going!

3369530 Woops. I guess that's what I get for writing this chapter on pain meds. Fixed.

3369554 She still lifts the map with her nonexistent horn. xD

3369628 Thank you for pointing the original error out, though.

Good to have you back!
There can never be enough romance between the princesses.

Twilights gonna get with Sunbeam huh? The same thing with Dash will happen again! I hope she realizes that before it gets to serious. Also, I hope for Spikdance out of left field. :moustache:

Errk, right in the feels at the end there. :raritycry:

Yay, it lives! I still think Twi wants Luna.

3384097 Good choice, but have you figured out which direction this story is going to take yet?


1) The anarchist probably have nobility backing to make way for a land where they have more power without Royal protection from their schemes. If it's not a trope, than it's a cliche' where the evil anarchist group is either a front for a more evil / nefarious group. Or is funded by a rich benefactor(s) to destabilize the gov.'t so that they can have more power.

2) Luna is a mentor, friend, and I think that in the whole Celestia and Twi's distance caused. Twilight found that / basically said that she was a rock for her. A bastion of emotional safety. And in the story before this Twilight needed both Tia and Luna to cry on, on the Anniversary of Dashie's death.

Tia on the other hoof has loved Twilight since she was a filly. First in a motherly like way that has probably grown as time went on and she saw the wonderful mare / alicorn she grew into. And is someone that brightens her day while makes Twilight feel warm, safe, and loved.

While I do think it's going to be a Twilestia fic. I can think of a good case for TwiLunEstia. In that they constantly mention that they will always have each other. Tia was willing to sacrifice her future happiness so that Lulu wouldn't loose her only friend. And even after all these years feels nothing but love and gratitude for all that her sister had done for her in her very long life, and would do anything for her. I can see that Luna being vocal and boisterous in some aspects of her life, but just like Dashie use it as a mask to hide her true feelings, or parts of her personal self that she's afraid of revealing. Much like Dashie was afraid of revealing her feelings of Twi.

Luna on the other hoof loves Tia. Would do anything for her. And knows without a shadow of a doubt how much Tia loves Twilight and if Tia wanted to pursue her. Would step aside and allow Tia a chance at having true love.

Knowing eachother as well as they do. And knowing that they need one another, not just as rulers, or family. But as entities who will out last the planet itself. Would share, enter a polyamourous relationship with Twilight so that they both won't have to worry about loosing their special place in Twilight's heart and could grow that spark into something more.

3) I think that Sungleam is going to have an even more important supportive role in the fic.

So did I get any of that right?

3384517 I won't say what you got right or wrong, but I will say there are a few things you are quite close on.

Merry Christmas to you, too. Now, on to the story.

I did like this story before, as well as its prequel, but chapter four is what finally made me favorite it.
First of all, it's starting to look like my favorite pairing might appear. While the story is probably not far enough to make guesses about the ending, I reserve the right to hope (and maybe beg) for a happy Twilestia ending.
But the main reason is that I found the interaction between Twilight and the royal sisters...vivid? Not sure how to best explain it, but while Twilight in previous chapters exhibited pretty good character development like one could expect after many many years of experience, this chapter showed that she still has something twilight-y about her.
I also liked the royal sisters' influence, both Celestia trying to cheer Twilight up and Luna talking her through her worries.. You did a great job showcasing the respective emotions involved, with Luna taking an older-sister-like role, and Celestia as friend possibly wishing for more.
All in all, excellent work again, and thank you for this new chapter.

*sigh* I swear, the feels you create with stories like this, as well as this one in particular, are so powerful I always loved the 'Behind The Scenes' types of stories when it came to the Royal Sisters and this doesn't disappoint. I really love you're portrayal of the characters and their emotions and feelings, especially Luna. I love the Luna in this story (And I feel that Twilight should at least return the favor of a grooming, it's only the polite thing to do!) and how she seems to be the 'rock' for Celestia and Twilight, more than they realize. It's an amazing work of fiction and when it is complete and if it keeps up this amount of quality and decisiveness, I can guarantee it a place on my 'Feels' Board.

Merry Christmas and I wish you a Happy Ten Years to Come!


"What does this button do?" *Click* *BOOM*

I had hoped for a little TwiLuna, but I'll be damned if I won't settle for this as equally dawww.

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