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A plagued stallion, A worried Princess, A team with to many questions, A dark force.

After an anomaly, all is not well with Equestria. Many do not see it, but a rare few see the true horrors of the invader. Time may be short, and those that can act, act quickly.

In a new land, a hunter comes, and those who are hunted have a choice, to stand firm, or to flee!

If you want a brief bit of exposition, then read this: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/good-death
I will not be including any other character from the League universe in this story, only Kindred.

Cover art from https://jinx-the-psycho.deviantart.com/art/Kindred-Masks-Colored-567144911

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great chapter always loved league of legends

I'm not a real big fan of League of Legends but this is a pretty good story so far.

this is so good. sunbutt's spell didn't account for a being of death coming through it.


Hey thanks all! It's good to see all this praise for the story!

Glad your all liking it! Tell your friends!


I hope Shining and the love princess are ready to be visited by death

Thought you would appreciate this. A bunch of lines from kindred. They are ordered in a way to seem coherent.

Haha! Funny you should post that!
It was one of the reasons that I made this story! I just love the voice acting and atmosphere in that vid!

You can expect some of those lines here! Though hopefully not in a way you'd expect.


Kindred is a force that really doesn't seem like it can be apposed. I hope that Luna learns that sooner than too late.

We will see how it goes. When Karmer uses the League lore for Kindred, then she would be a spirit who can be fought off by rune magic. Like Nocture or Evelin.

PInkie will be willing to listen to him at least. Then throw a "Get better sleep" party for him.




All pretty good guesses! I have an idea of how this story will shape out, and hopefully it will surprise a few of you!

Casting Kindred as the big bad in this story was a bit of a difficult decision, I kinda wanted to see how kindred would interact directly with the Mane 6, but I thought that it would go against Kindred's character.

Sorry this next chapter is delayed, likely until next week. I wanted to work on characters, fleshing them out and whatnot. Its taking longer than I anticipated, but I should be back on schedule after this! It also doesn't help that work picked up a bit.

I'm glad Ya'll are enjoying the story!
Tell your friends!


was the spell supposed to do that?

That death will be bad P.R. for the princesses

that is a lot of relatives.
the masks on the walls are a good touch to ramp up the tension.

"He took an ace, and split himself in two..."

Interesting prologue, I must admit. I look forward to reading the next chapter.

Hmm... this chapter could do with some minor edits, nothing too bad, just some small eyesores.

Hmmm.... very interesting...
What colour codes do you use for Lamb and Wolf's speech?

Alright, this chapter needs a bit more editing than the others.

Alright, you've gotten my attention. xD

that is a conundrum. The solution might be so simple they are over looking it.
Easiest way of stopping the arrow is not getting hit. SO they just need to develop a spell to reveal the spirits of death to the naked eye and be skilled enough to not die.

Like the book so far, looking forward to reading more but can’t right now:applecry:
Damn you school:flutterrage:


I'm glad! I hope I can live up to expectations.


Possibly! But I think that you'll like the solution that I have planned


Totes understand that! That is a problem that Vexes us all at some point. Just stick with it! and takes some breaks to read once in a while!

Still happy Y'all are liking it so much! As I'm writing, I realize that somethings just aren't working as planned, so there are some on the fly fixes here and there. But that does not mean delays! everything is on track for today, expect something around 7-8 pst!


Awesome chapter as usual. It was nice to come back and check on Marble, though I do hope he gets better. :twilightoops:

that outfit is best left to collect duct in the depths of her closet

Interesting, I look forward to seeing what happens next.

I'm betting that's how kindred got a play about them in their home world. They pick someone to spread the word so the hunt is more enjoyable for them.

Supposedly Kindred has more power the more people that know of them. Also they are fans of theater. Especially when it is about them.


Good reason to spread the word about them

Since kindred only goes to people that are destined to die.
I can see the princesses saving a pony from kindred only for them to die from a brain anoryism right after.

I'd describe why Kindred kills as a Duty that they enjoy. They were born from Death who was tasked to reap the living when the time was right. They inherited that Duty and made a game of it. The pray do their best to live prolonging the hunt and Kindred gets to enjoy the thrill of the hunt longer. A fair deal in some ways.

I'm really enjoying this story, as it is one of the few proper LoL stories out there.
Keep it up!

Thanks so much! Its comments like this that really make my day.

And sorry for the longer delay. Had a bought of no motivation. But I'm writing much better now!

Yay! New Chapter.
I'm looking forwards to when Celestia and Luna meet Kindred. They are one of my favorite champions.

I really love this story, cant wait for the next chapter :)

"All things must meet this man, so the shunned him."


That's only part of the whole story, the short version even. But still good, Kindred is my all time favorite hero. :rainbowdetermined2:

It's been a while so I don't know what I ment

Ooo. I like this development.

over a dozen kills across the countries at the same time? Impressive

Comment posted by FicFacFlac deleted May 31st, 2019

Btw, this is fucking amazing.

I'm trying to write a one shot on the similar champion, just different plot. Guess I need to up my antee.

This is a champion in the game called League of Legends (LoL for short), for all of you reading.

The quote that was just mentioned (in the coloured text of the prologue) is actually one of the voice lines of Kindred, which is the beings in the dark and light blue text.

It's an exact copy of the original quote. Here's the teaser to the champion Kindred, The Eternal Hunters.

And here's the quotes and champion spotlight of the champion.

People think being hit in the eyes with a light that bright is funny????????????


Kindly do an update

so is this story dead?

I wish this story had more! I always hate it when I realize a story has been cancelled or put on hold for some reason because the suspense kills me. I was hooked in and read all of it because of how much I like it.

”I wanted blood…” ;dlk


PD:The story looks pretty cool

This story is amazing. Its been hard for me to find a good Kindred story here. I hope this continues

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