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More popular than the "Celestia's Homecare" omnibus, better selling than "Fifty-Three More Things to do When Trapped on the Moon", and more controversial than the infamous "Cupcakes", how does the story of this remarkable book differ in a universe full of... pony?

After escaping the destruction of Equestria at the hands of some big ol' meanies, Pinkie Pie leads her friends on a series of baffling, mind boggling and downright nonsensical adventures through a galaxy where harmony is in short supply, but aliens, monsters and chaos are most definitely not.

Gasp! As they meet strange alien creatures!
Cry! As emotional torment assails our characters!
Groan! As the Author includes yet another 4th wall break!

And most importantly, DON'T PANIC

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YES! This is AMAZING! This NEEDED to happen! Thank You for posting it here, you wonderful, hoopy frood! I'd love to sass you sometime!
Edit: Anyone else? No? Okay then...

I read the title and instantly knew that this will be AWESOME :pinkiehappy:
Have some stuff I want to complain about!
"more controversial than the infamous "Cupcakes" fanfiction, This wholly remarkable book" - Random capital letter
"Then they pealed away, leaving nothing behind." - Wrong word (try peeled)
"The Hitchhikers Guide, in a moment of surprising clarity" - Missing apostrophe
"One race which, by some quirk did not gain this ability to write off tragedy are the Mardajons of Lepluss." - Missing comma
"evolution is the driving force behind all life in he universe" - :pinkiegasp:
"Back in the void left behind by Jeltz, a bright spark of light moved around, trailed by another purpler one." - Not sure if using wrong word, or just reading wrong...
"And she did, including Everypony there." - Another random capital letter :fluttershysad:
"Vogon’s know exactly the right fiction to bring out" - Unnecessary comma

Oh, god. Considering how bad Vogon poetry is, I can't even begin to understand how terrible their fanfiction will be. :pinkiesick:

...this is just a repost of last chapter.

I love Zaphod's cutie mark. You couldn't have made a better choice! :pinkiehappy:

Funny how this story has more hitchhiking in it than the actual Book Trilogy.

Rarity will never cease to be a marshmallow. :duck:

"Luckily, none of the above actions are in any way forthcoming. The safety of the innocence of the readership is absolutely assured for the time being."
Damn it!

It took me a moment to realize that Pinkie has five hooves in the cover art. Well played.

402664 Ugh, it's like a hundred goffik writers all came together to write the biggest Mary Sue in the entire universe ever.

Is that an innuendo?

...Is this?

What's this?! A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy/MLP crossover?! MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go shed tears of joy for about a half hour before I get to read this.

This is a work of pure genius. Discord powering the Infinite Improbability Drive makes so much sense.

actually, it is not mach 1, but mach 5 at which a sonic rainboom accuors. someone did the callculations.

FIRST!!! and nice I-Robot reference.

-It is this remade Earth that our heroins escaed from-

I love the movie... and I love this fan fiction.

oh, and I would be happier if you added this part ===>(so long, and thanks for all the fish)

Awesome !
Thanks for coming here :pinkiehappy:

I, um, don't have gifs to express this, because there aren't gifs to express this. There isn't enough incoherent fangirl squeeing in the universe to express this. I have to use words.

This whole story so far is the best fanfic I have ever read in my life. This is near the top of the best fiction I've read in my life. I'm a huge fan of Adams (and Pratchett as well) and it's been a very long time since I've read anything as funny as this. I want more then a "like" button. I wish there was a "READ THIS NOW BECAUSE. . . JUST DO IT!" button.

I need more. Please. I would seriously pay for more of this fic. On the other hand, I'm left feeling that if you finish this fic it will mean the end of fanfiction, because no other fic will compare to it. (But, um, no pressure or anything. . . I'm shooting myself in the foot, aren't I?)

What I mean to say is amazing, excellent, incredible job, sir. Please don't stop.

"Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz saw that the gun was having no effect, but continued firing out of spiteful stubbornness."
You really have got the vogons dialed in, haven't you author? :twilightsheepish:

I swear, it feels like you are channeling Douglas Adams himself. This is what H2G2 would be if a pony version of Douglas Adams wrote it in Equestria.

"Backup restored." ... *snort, facehoof*

The sad thing about that snippit of Volgon fanfiction is that it sounds just like many actual fics people have written. XD

I only begged for more two days ago, and then this shows up! If my special talent is getting awesome fanfic to update, I'm really okay with that. Not sure what the cutie mark would look like, though.

Amazing once again. Thank you for writing such a fantastic story.

Thank you so much for bringing this awesome to fimfiction!

I predict the invention of many, many new forms to be filled out in increasingly unlikely situations coming from that vogon. He will also get a promotion out of it, because really, what if something the new forms were for DID happen? They wouldn't have any paperwork or propper procedure for it! Of course, first he would have to invent, and fill out, the form authorizing a vogon to do whatever the heck he wants in the event that a cosmic entity brainwashes him after said cosmic being has been shot with a full ammo clip from a standard issue personal sidearm. Said cosmic entity will also be billed for the cost of said ammo clip.

You get 6/5 Twilights

I know, right? He's doing a really good job of keeping the feel of the Guide, without just repeating all the jokes.

Theta, eta, gamma ...
I see what you did there. :facehoof:

Somehow, this doesn't surprise me...

Hooray? Yes, very much so! Hooray is correct!

After loathing Google docs and now enjoying the more palatable FiMFiction, i'm very happy that EqD noted an alternative posting of this wonderful series AND it's being located here!

I am also equally annoyed at myself for never looking to see if this story was ever here to begin with.

Guess I'll give myself a break, relax, and just enjoy the read. Mm?


Interesting. If teleportation conserves only momentum, you'd still get left behind, as the planet keeps moving during the teleport (it does not appear to be instantaneous). As a consequence, teleportation spells would require one to keep moving during the teleport itself. Furthermore, they'd also have to account for gravity and other forces, for without them the teleportee would continue in a straight line, shooting off into space (or the center of the planet) due to the curved path a planet follows.
Which begs the question: When and how does the actual translocation occur? :twilightoops:

Sorry, I couldn't help it :facehoof:

Unrelated point, but possibly symbolic. The theme tune for the TV show of Hitchhiker's Guide dubs perfectly over the intro to MLP. Sorry it's not related to the fic, but it's a fact that brings me joy.


Wow, I am not going in this direction, but I almost wish I was... I admit that would be hilarious.

Teleportartion is also instantaneous, it takes an infinitely small amount of time. This means the planet is still, for your purposes, in the same place.

That's the hand wave I literally just thought up.

Mashup vid please? Or Am I going to have to attempt to do business with youtube doubler?

I did the deed... and holy crap it fitted well.

That's none too remarkable, it turns out. I've got a vast list of songs you can put over the intro that work perfectly.

I am so, so, sorry that I waited this long to begin reading. Take my like.

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