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While everypony around him has gotten old, Spike has barely grown up. Only one of the bearers of the elements of harmony is left, and even she cannot last forever.

Spike and Rarity remember the good old days, but Spike still has a whole lifetime ahead of him.

My first effort at writing a pony fanfic. After a night of listening to "A Walk Down the Trail" and reading sadfics, I smashed out 1000 words of unplanned sad and sent it in. That was almost a year ago now. I'm uploading it more for competeneteness than anything, it really is very short and has plenty of flaws.

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It's quite well written, I'd say. Even though it's an overused theme and all that; it was still pretty good.

Not a bad little bit at all. I am not a huge Rarity fan but this really made me feel for her.

Glad you liked it

Yeah, I know it didn't really bring anything new to the table even when it was originally written.

Rarity has never been best pony to me, but I find I can't write her and keep her in character without making her feel... really really nice. I guess she is a damn good pony.

why must you be so curel sir ginger also love your name you monster :'(

Lovely short Fic ^^

Its nice to have a good 5 minute read. Something to get me past the moment, but not force me in place, but a good moment none of the less.

As for the fic itself, I think I've read many things similar. I'd say this lovely little bit is worth 4 stars. Not a masterpiece by any means, but well written and worth the time :twilightsmile:


I tried to feel emotion,but my journey was blocked by a huge wall of words. Seriously. It really takes away from the story if there are giant huge block paragraphs like that.

Oh, yeah, it was great. :rainbowkiss:

:raritycry: I loved it.

I shed some manly tears being Rarity is one of my favourite ponies I felt sad that she died in the end but nothing lasts forever :fluttercry: anyway that wa a good short fic good sir/madam :moustache:

How the Buck am i supposed to read a freakin' wall of text? you know what im not even gonna read it, just by thinking about reading that i get bored

Yeah, it was very much a wall of text, sorry about that. I couldn't really be arsed polishing it up for submission. There are probably spelling etc erros in there too.

Like I said, this was my first attempt, and I had no proof reader like I do now. My first submission of "So Long" was a wall of text too, It's only later that I made it more easily readable.

Thanks for the kind words.

482249 no worries sir if i may ask can i be your pre reader please :)

I do have one now, sorry about that. Hit up my other story to see if I look any better

Wow, she just... dropped dead all of a sudden. I mean, she's obviously at the end of her life, but... she just nuzzles each grave, nuzzles Spike, and is all, "Welp I'm dead now," and promptly flops to the ground. No signs of weakness, just... plop, dead. I still got emotional at the rest of the story - the thought of Fluttershy's abandoned cottage is the saddest :fluttershysad: - but you could have telegraphed her systems shutting down a little more clearly.
Still, good story, decent but brief writing, and it's old stuff anyway.


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