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While everypony around him has gotten old, Spike has barely grown up. Only one of the bearers of the elements of harmony is left, and even she cannot last forever.

Spike and Rarity remember the good old days, but Spike still has a whole lifetime ahead of him.

My first effort at writing a pony fanfic. After a night of listening to "A Walk Down the Trail" and reading sadfics, I smashed out 1000 words of unplanned sad and sent it in. That was almost a year ago now. I'm uploading it more for competeneteness than anything, it really is very short and has plenty of flaws.

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More popular than the "Celestia's Homecare" omnibus, better selling than "Fifty-Three More Things to do When Trapped on the Moon", and more controversial than the infamous "Cupcakes", how does the story of this remarkable book differ in a universe full of... pony?

After escaping the destruction of Equestria at the hands of some big ol' meanies, Pinkie Pie leads her friends on a series of baffling, mind boggling and downright nonsensical adventures through a galaxy where harmony is in short supply, but aliens, monsters and chaos are most definitely not.

Gasp! As they meet strange alien creatures!
Cry! As emotional torment assails our characters!
Groan! As the Author includes yet another 4th wall break!

And most importantly, DON'T PANIC

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