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Writing Difficulties · 10:19pm Jun 7th, 2013

"Cupcakes Redux" was originally a quick, silly thing to get out a random idea bouncing around in my head ... but now, it's become the most popular thing I've ever posted. Like, ever. So now, when I go to write more of it, the idea of lots and lots of people anticipating and reading it causes me to lock up and draw a blank.

Does anyone have any advice that could help me get it back up and running?

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Hey flexico, I drew you a picture ! I'm sorry but I can't link with an iPod and that's what I have but if you want to see it its one of the newest on my devientart so check that out plz!

954037 it wasnt easy but i eventually came to the conclusion:ajsmug:

953693 I ... really? Wow, thanks. ^_^

Wow your awesome.:derpyderp1:

Thanks for faving Mare of Steel :twilightsmile:

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