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Pinkie Pie can be very unpredictable, but chaining ponies up in her basement? Seems like she's crossing the line from "just being Pinkie Pie" to "may need to be stopped before somepony gets hurt." What will become of her victims?

(Fans of weight-gain material may want to apply heehee)

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Ah, another cupcakes fic.
I mean it should be pretty well known this just get down voted regardless of writing caliber.
Well, I will say your writing technique is actually rather good, it's just....cupcakes fics are the bane of writers. Don't take it too seriously.

*shakes head and chuckles* Forced cake-eating isn't really my fetish, but whenever someone takes something dark and gruesome and makes it lighthearted I find it in my heart to chuckle.:rainbowlaugh: It's the opposite of the rest of the fandom.

894275 Oh piffle, I already have enough people who love it that I don't mind how the community at large sees it. XD Thanks for the respect and compliment though! <3

894444 Heehee thanks ya mooch! ^^ That is actually my favorite kind of humor. =P And I think Cupcakes needed that, hence this fic!

Ahaha, when I first saw your post of this in the group, Flexico, I kinda the...uh, cupcakes would still be...y'know, like the original. Combined with fat ponies.

Well I might have to get around to reading this, then. :P

Just reading the 2 chapters made me want to throw up. :pinkiesick: Everytime I hear the word cupcakes I just want to throw up :pinkiesick:

895895 Haha, well I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enojyed writing it! =P

895991 Aww, so sorry to hear that! :pinkiesad2: I actually wrote this to try to make comedy out of that abomination. XD


I was hoping.

This is just as good, though.

As a side note, this is awesome~

I'm not sure what to make of this yet. So for the first time ever, I'll be tracking something... *Shudders* Cupcakes-related. Still, it doesn't look too disturbing.

Not intentionally criticising, don't get me wrong. Kudos on the grammar mate, it's infinitely superior to the original.

"what ith being all" Might wanna check that mate.

898132 Well thank you for the compliment! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, silly me! *fixed*

I know how to make her stop... *Holds up the Kizuzu Atom* :raritystarry:

o my i must say i may or may not have liked this story but if you look at my name Flexico i think you will know were i come from:pinkiecrazy:

895991but it's making fun of the real one....o well to each their own.

923063 NUUUUUUUUUU!! :pinkiegasp:

932888 LOL YA :twilightoops:

934794 You watch Xailon Showdown?! :pinkiegasp:

934824 No, I searched with Google to find out what that was. :pinkiehappy:
934852 YES SHACKLES. :scootangel:

934923 Oh. Would it make you feel better if I used the Wushan Geyser?
That`s a funny word to say!

895991 Cupcakes.Cupcakes.Cupcakes.Cupcakes.Cupcakes.Cupcakes.Cupcakes.:rainbowlaugh:

I will be waiting for the rest.

Call me desensitized, but I actually thought that the original Cupcakes was boring.
I much prefer this version--and not just because it contains my fetish.
I'll be watching it closely. :)

1146194 Heeheeheeheehee happy to please! :pinkiehappy:

Is it over? I hope not.

1313986 It is not, I just have IRL issues getting in the way. Happy to see interest! <3 :pinkiecrazy:

Can't wait to read more.

... Dash. Why couldn't you just tell them Pinkie's gone :pinkiecrazy:? While you were explaining, she would've come in with Twilight....

Actually, scratch that, Pinkie would have convinced them somehow, and I'm finding the thought of this happening to both Rarity and Applejack absolutely hilarious. :ajbemused::raritydespair:

1366349 She waaaass ... to starstruck and embarrassed to think straight? XD :rainbowhuh:

Finally got around to reading this. I'm enjoying it quite thoroughly.

Maybe the Wonderbolts will make a return visit as guests themselves, hmm?

1378580 Wonderful to hear! :heart:

They will be returning, but likely not as guests ... I'm still working out the details, but I've mostly covered the ground I've planned so far. Who knows where it'll g[r]o[w] next? :pinkiecrazy:

Made an account just to say how great this is. Keep going!

1420495 Awwwww thank yooouuu!! :heart:

No problem, you definitely deserve it.
If I may ask, do you have any idea how many chapters this will be?

1425765 I'm going to throw a wild guess at ten. There are a few more characters I want to throw into the mix, but I don't want it to stretch FOR-EEEEV-ERRRRR. :pinkiegasp: It will have a happy but strange ending I'm sure. :rainbowlaugh:

Also ... DRAGON MAN LOL! :pinkiecrazy:

1464006 That is the cutest bunny ever! oh and i could tell you but most likely you would not like what's going on so i won't.

Is everyone going to be fatten up by Pinkie :3:heart:

PLEASE let Spitfire get fattened up like Rainbow Dash, I BEG of you...

This is strangely hard to stop reading. It's the first fiction related to stuffing that wasn't some morbid clopfic.

Nice work!

P.S. Saw your deviantArt before I read this, and as soon as I realized my favorite artist was now my favorite writer, I squeed :3

Eagerly waiting for an update.

1648402 I ... I ... *starts tearing up* You have no idea how much that means to me right now. I've been going through so much lately ... I'm your favorite artist and writer? Really? And here I'm always feeling self-conscious about the things I create. ^^; Thank you very much, my friend. :heart:

i love this story! something about odd twisted things make me giggle.:pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:
so keep this up cuz i likes a lot!:heart:

1658976 Awwww, thank you so much! I'm almost halfway done with the next chapter! It should be up within the next few days. :rainbowkiss:



Just kidding. Take your time, for your level of Expertise takes time, does it not? One cannot rush excellence, unless you shove cupcakes down their throat, of course. That ought to make them speed up a little bit. Either that, or get Diabetes. One of those two.

1665309 Actually, what's making it take so long is a lot of IRL crap distracting me. :pinkiecrazy:

Also, ha ha ha ha ha! :rainbowlaugh:

I made an account just to do this: :derpytongue2: , also, MORE PLEASE!

Pleeeease continue this! I want Soarin' and Spitfire get in on that tubby action! :D

Keep it up, man, this is awesome!

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