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The name's Derrick. ArthurPaige is just an alias.


A Long Awaited Update (June 12th, 2021) · 5:27am June 13th

Hello there, those who still keep an eye on my story and those of you who happen to read this.

I'm going to be straight with you. I haven't been writing, at all. I mean, I've just started again yesterday. But other than that...

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Featuring art featuring my OCs!

Arthur Paige

Both images drawn by: Daemon

Daemon is an awesome artist, truly. Words can't express how much I appreciate these.

Reviews of my work!

Read what people have said about my work!

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My Cover Art

Above are stories that feature my artwork.

This is how the process goes: first, I choose an appropriate image, then I heavily modify the image, after that, I add words and/or an image I search for, then boom! There's my watermark.

The process usually takes about 2-4 hours, depending on what I plan to put on it.

Drawn by: the Daemon

Just doin' some 'light' reading. Got a suggestion? Shoot me a PM of the story you want me to check out or leave a comment on my page!

Stories I've been the editor for


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A voice called through the ether and spoke of your name. They told me ‚Äčto keep my eye on you.

No, I read your post in "Supporting OCs" about the fanmade Season 10 project. I assumed you would post updates on that whole shebang so I decided to give you a follow. Plus, you seem like an interesting person.

Thanks for the follow, what drew you to me?

Thanks for the follow! Have a follow back, and an invite to my little fan club.

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