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I am Derrick. I am a fanfiction writer, reviewer, editor, and an artist. For those of you who wish to talk to me my time zone is UTC-7. I'm usually active around 12 pm to 12 am. Usually.


Updates and Story Announcements (April 21, 2019) · 6:46am Yesterday


I've added a new chapter for TFiTU, if you didn't notice already.

This chapter shows how Arthur reacts to help from creatures he doesn't fully understand. It also reveals a little more about Uyada and Potato, who is now going by Po.

As for the announcements, I am currently working on a few stories.

One of these stories is about a princess who loses her mind, no, she isn't an alicorn, or Twilight. Or any character who appeared in the canon universe. She is an OC.

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TThe Thousand Changeling Warriors
Thorax has defected to the land of Equestria, taking thousands of changelings with him. When Chrysalis launches a retaliation against Equestria, Twilight and her friends must repel her invasion with one thousand changeling volunteers.
BradyBunch · 15k words  ·  18  1 · 142 views

For those of you who are wondering, Arthur Paige isn't my name, it's my alias I use for the Internet.

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