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The name's Derrick. ArthurPaige is just an alias.


A Long Awaited Update (June 12th, 2021) · 5:27am Jun 13th, 2021

Hello there, those who still keep an eye on my story and those of you who happen to read this.

I'm going to be straight with you. I haven't been writing, at all. I mean, I've just started again yesterday. But other than that...

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Featuring art featuring my OCs!

Arthur Paige

The artist that drew these is awesome, truly. Words can't express how much I appreciate these.

Reviews of my work!

Read what people have said about my work!

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My Cover Art

Above are stories that feature my artwork.

This is how the process goes: first, I choose an appropriate image, then I heavily modify the image, after that, I add words and/or an image I search for, then boom! There's my watermark.

The process usually takes about 2-4 hours, depending on what I plan to put on it.

Just doin' some 'light' reading. Got a suggestion? Shoot me a PM of the story you want me to check out or leave a comment on my page!

Stories I've been the editor for


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Thanks for the follow!

A voice called through the ether and spoke of your name. They told me ‚Äčto keep my eye on you.

No, I read your post in "Supporting OCs" about the fanmade Season 10 project. I assumed you would post updates on that whole shebang so I decided to give you a follow. Plus, you seem like an interesting person.

Thanks for the follow, what drew you to me?

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