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Now I am become Breath, the destroyer of words.


A heavy snowstorm traps a group of ponies in a tiny hamlet far away from any civilization, and while the adults are doing their best to fend off the elements and ration the quckly fading supplies, the foals decide to go out of bounds and figure it out on their own. But only one of them will be able to find out where the cold comes from.

Cover art by the one and only, the amazing SkyAircobra (DeviantArt I Patreon)
Whole lot of thanks to Karibela for initially hunting away the typos, misspellings and other various ineptitudes of mine.
Whole lot if awe to the glorious Schattendrache, that scalded my broken english into submission with his shadowy flame.
And even more salutations and fanfare go to The Red Parade, that improved my prose even further! Hurray!
And, of course, thanks to you, if you intend to pay it any attention ;)

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Hi, I'm writing to let you know that I've selected your story from the My Little Reviews and Feedback main folder. If you no longer want your story reviewed or if you want to select a different reviewer please let me know.

I also offer the option of scoreless reviews. If you'd like a scoreless review, please let me know. Otherwise, I look forwards to reading your story.

Schatten beat you to the punch in notifying me, but surely enough I'm looking forward to read your opinion.
As to scoreless or not scoreless... It's wholly up to you. I generally agree with words over numbers approach and value written reactions over attempts to assign a number to it or just being vaguely positive/negative in case of likes/dislikes without specifying what thinking process is behind such reaction.
So yeah, I guess, it's a long way to say "I'm fine without scores, but if you want to give a summory of you opinion to other readers, then I'm just as fine with that".
It is your review after all, but I do appreciate the consideration in any case.

Hey! Your review is ready! Thanks for submitting, and I hope you find what I have to say useful. Deuces.

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